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Yemen Q & A - questions

The readers' questions below are awaiting answers. Can YOU help? 

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I am a final year medical student, who wishes to work in a hospital in Yemen for a period this summer. Can anyone give me any help in contacting hospitals in Yemen?

Please reply directly to: Mark Astill ( )

I'm looking for a supplier of gingered coffee. This was available in ziploc bags in a number of Middle Eastern and East African stores in Minneapolis.

The ginger - which appeared to be very roughly ground, or shredded actually, was already mixed in with the coffee, which I imagine was of a Turkish or similar roast and grind. We would like to sell this coffee to our customers. The recipe for ginger coffee on your website is nice, but I'm looking for the product I described above.

Please reply directly to: Paula Diller, Mzuri Coffeehouse ( )

Has anyone traveled overland from Dhufar, Oman to Mahra and on to Hadhramawt, Yemen?  How are the roads?  Is it possible to travel along the coast, or only inland?  Are there hotels in the towns of Mahra?  Since one of our party is disabled, we need to know if there is any place with rooms on the ground floor and with a western-style toilet, i.e. pedestal rather than squatter. Do you have to apply for a land-entry visa for Yemen?  Any problems with this border crossing?  We speak Arabic and know Yemen and Oman well, just haven't been to Mahra or made this crossing.

Please reply directly to: C Cooper

I am trying to contact phytosanitary importers in Yemen. Who could I contact (government, state commercial offices, etc) in order to gain some information about this issue?

Please reply directly to:

We are a manufacturer and exporter of pesticides. We want contact information for Yemeni pesticide importers. 

Please contact: SINOCHEM NINGBO  Agrochem. Dept., 21 Jiangxia St., Ningbo 315000 P.R China. Tel: +86-574-87346015; fax +86-574-87263319; email

I have a football player in my team who would  qualify to play for the Yemeni national team. His name is Ghamdan Assinani and he plays for the oldest football club in the world, Sheffield FC, here in England. He is a very good quick player who would do well. How do I contact the Yemen football association? Or can someone pass this message on to them?

Please reply directly to: Dave Elwis

I am doing some research for a theatre production and I need to know what a Yemen woman would have worn in about 1850,  particularly a well- off girl ( ours is the daughter of a silver trader, married and just arrived in England). If you can help please email as soon as possible.

Reply directly to: Laura Turnbull

I am a tourist soon to visit Yemen. I would like to find out where the local people eat and where these eating places are. I am from South Africa and I like mixing with the local people.

email your answer

I am from Pakistan and currently residing in UAE. I have got a job offer in Yemen. What is the monthly rent of a two- bedroom apartment in Sana'a?

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I attended Sana'a International School in 1974-75. I am looking for students or teachers who attended during the same period. I am from Iraq and my dad at the time worked at the UNDP.

Please reply directly to: Haider Mohammed Salih

I am planning a trip to the Middle-East (including Yemen) and want to know if I can get a boat from Suez in Egypt to Yemen and then on to Iran? Is this possible, where can I organise it, how much will it cost and how long will the journey take?

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Where can I find the method to make Lahuh, the traditional pancakes?

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We are a couple from Argentina wishing to visit Yemen. The problem is that there isn’t a Yemeni embassy in our country. Can we get tourist visas on arrival at Sana’a airport and what documentation should we bring?

Reply directly to: Attaguile Miguel and Giovanniello Flora (

The Foreign Science Library is updating its data and we are interested to obtain a book entitled "Aden and security process 1995-2000". Can anyone provide information about how to obtain it?

Reply directly to: Anna R. Ctvrtnicek (
Foreign Science Library
2628A Colonel Glenn Highway, #133
Fairborn, OH 45324, USA
Tel: (937) 255-5660
Fax: (937) 255-6550

I would like help tracing my wife’s family who are from Sana’a. They are from al-Muduahi family. My wife’s name is Sharifah Radhiah Binti Syed Yahya Bin Habib Ali Bin Habib Ali Bin Habib Ahmad Bin Habib Sarifuddin.

Please reply directly to: Syed Zainal Abidin Al-Edrus (

I have recently read about the island of Socotra and would very much like to visit there. I would like to know where it would be possible to stay (is it only possible to stay in the hotel?). I am an English female and thinking of travelling with a friend but I do not have any knowledge of the language. Is it safe to travel with another girl or  even with a male friend with no knowledge of the island? Also, is accepteble for females to wear western clothes and swimwear, etc? Please excuse my ignorance!

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The Book Necronomicon is said to have been written by a mad man in Sana'a who travelled to the ruins of Mesopotamia and wrote the book in Damascus. Did he write the book or was it the famous horror author of the 19th century, Howard Philip Lovercraft?

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I am a Yemeni PhD history student studying Harold Ingrams, the Resident Adviser for the British Government in Hadhramaut (1937 - 1944). I would be very grateful if anyone could send me information about him, especially regarding his private life.

Reply directly to: Sadeq Omar Maknoon
C-8-6 Idaman Putera Medan Idaman
0. 7 JLN 6/21D Gombak  53100 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am looking for any information on social implications of qat chewing?  Are there those who are discriminated against because they do not chew?  Are there religious sects who publically denounce the use of qat? 

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Our company may be getting involved in an obsolete pesticide clean-up of the old Russian Irrigation project near Surdot, Yemen. Although I have a Times Atlas,  I cannot find Surdot and MSN Mapblast is not of any help either. Can anyone advise on the location of Surdot and, if possible, the map coordinates?

Please reply directly to: Fred Bahr, C & M Services Inc., Miami, Florida.

I am a PhD student studying the politics of water management and distribution and have an interest in Sana'a's contemporary problems with water supply and growing squatter communities. I would be very interested to hear if anyone has some information on the current state of the water supply situation in Sana'a, particularly regarding unequal distribution and the effects that recent government policies have had on this.

I am also trying to get in touch with staff at Sana'a university, particularly with people interested in urban issues, local government and water issues. 

Please reply directly to: Simon Addison, St Peter's College, Oxford, OX1 2DL. Tel: 07990 627 941

We are planing a Norwegian expedition to Socotra 2001/2002. Before further planning we hope to get some advice about security in the area: is it safer in Socotra than in the rest of Yemen? Terrorism? Do we need mosquito-tents? Can we buy fresh water in bottles in Ha'dibu? What about accommodation, hotel or guesthouse in Ha'dibu? What is the cost of living (food and accommodation) on the island?

The expedition will consist of two archaeologists, a landscape architect, an ethnographer, a historian, a photographer and a video producer. Is it best for us to use an Arabic interpreter from Norway, a person from Yemen or a person from Socotra? Can we rent a four-weel car (with or without a driver) and what is the approximate price? What is the best time to visit the island (spending two-four weeks)?

Please reply directly to: (Dr) Inge Lindblom, NOFIA (Norwegian Foundation of International Archaeology) 

I am looking for statistics on street children, homeless children, orphans, children of war in Yemen. Can anyone help?

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My name is Annita Paschalinou. I'm living in Athens, Greece. I am looking for a friend of mine that I had while I stayed in UK, in 1992. His name is Jamal S Ahmed and we used to live in the same host family, in Ramsgate, Kent. I know that he is from Yemen, but I lost his address. I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me how to get in touch with him.

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Can anyone direct me towards info about the tribes of Yemen, the role of the sultans during the colonial period, tribal history and custom and the current distribution of the tribes, their leadership and relationship with the current administration? A good book would do. 

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Can anyone provide or direct me to information on the Al-Ja'ada tribe in Yemen?

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Does anyone know anything about a Persian ruler of Yemen from the 600s? He was called Bazan and had a son named Shahr. What happened to Bazan's descendants?

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I am looking for information about the amnesty in Yemen after the war in 1994: the nature of the amnesty and its implementation. Any help will add a lot to my research.

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Can anyone tell me the dates of the Soviet pull-out from their naval base in Aden during the old PDRY days? Also I would like to know the exact location of the base and any other relevant information.

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I am an allergic woman from Norway, who cannot have wheat. I have just learned that in Yemen you make a kind of pancake with sorghum (lahuh) and possibly some kind of breads too? Does someone have a recipe for this?

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I was reading the chronicle on the (north-south) war between the Yemenis. Are there any details available regarding the "aircraft" that were shot down during the conflict? I'm especially interested to know where these aircraft were shot down by other aircraft as I have vague information which mentions air-to-air combat.

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Is any income tax charged in Yemen? If so, what is the tax structure? What percentage of earnings can be transferred by an expatriate working in Yemen?

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What is the precise family relationship between Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar and President Ali Abdullah Salih? Is Ali Muhsin his half-brother, his cousin, or both? Why is there so much confusion among Yemenis about this?

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The Yemeni government used to tax qat. Is this still done? If so, at what rate, and what are the annual revenues?

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Last revised on 07 August, 2015