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Iraq: the 'most wanted' list


The following list, issued by the United States, contained the names of the 55 "most wanted" members of Saddam Hussein's regime. For photographs, see the deck of cards issued by the US Defense Department

1. Saddam Hussein – President of Iraq, Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC).

2. Qusay Hussein – Special Republican Guard Commander who controlled elite Republican Guards, intelligence services and a special force providing security for Saddam himself.

3. Uday Hussein – Saddam Fedayeen Commander, Chairman of the Iraqi Olympic Committee and head of the Iraqi Football Association.

4. Abid Hamid Mahmud al-Tikriti – Presidential Secretary.

5. Ali Hassan al-Majid – Known to foes as "Chemical Ali". Saddam's feared cousin, commander of southern Iraq.

6. Izzat Ibrahim – Vice-chairman of the RCC.

7. Hani Abd Latif Tilfah al-Tikriti – Special Security Organisation Director.

8. Kamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan al-Tikriti – Republican Guard Secretary.

9. Barzan Abd Ghafur Sulayman al-Tikriti – Special Republican Guard Commander.

10. Muzahim Sa'b Hassan al-Tikriti – Air Defence Force Commander.

11. Ibrahim Ahmad Abd al Sattar Muhammad al-Tikriti – Armed Forces Chief of Staff.

12. Sayf al-Din Fulayyih Hassan Taha al-Rawi – Republican Guard Chief of Staff.

13. Rafi Abd Latif al-Tilfah – Director of General Security.

14. Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti – Iraqi Intelligence Service Director.

15. Hamid Raja Shalah al-Tikriti – Air Force Commander.

16. Abdul Tawab Mullah Hwaish – Minister of Military Industrialisation.

17. Aziz Salih Numan – Baath Party (BP) Regional Commander, Commander BP Militia.

18. Mohammed Hamza al-Zubeidi – Central Euphrates Regional Commander, former deputy prime minister.

19. General Sultan Hashim Ahmed – Minister of Defence.

20. Ayad Futayyih Khalifa al-Rawi – Al Quds Force Chief of Staff.

21. Zuhayr Talib Abd al Sattar al-Naqib – Military intelligence director.

22. Abd al-Baqi Abd Karim al Sadun – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Baghdad.

23. Muhammad Zimam Abd al-Razzaq al-Sadun – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Ta'mim & Ninawa Governate.

24. Samir Abulaziz al-Najim – BP regional command chairman for East Baghdad.

25. Yahya Abdallah al-Ubeidi – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Basra Governate.

26. Nayif Shindakh Thamir – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Salah al-Din Governate.

27. Sayfal al-Din al-Mashhadani – BP Chairman and Commander BP BP Militia Muthanna Governate.

28. Fadil Mahmud Gharib – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Babil/Karbala Governate.

29. Muhsin Khadar al-Khafaji – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Qadasiyah Governate.

30. Rashid Taan Kazim – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Anbar Governate.

31. Ugla Abid Sighar al-Kubeiysi – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia– Maysan Governate.

32. Ghazi Hamud al-Adib – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Wasit Governate.

33. Adil Abdallah Mahdi al-Duri al-Tikriti – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Dhi Qar Governate.

34. Husayn al-Awawi – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Ninawa Governate.

35. Khamis Sirhan al-Muhammad – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Kerbala Governate.

36. Sad Abd al-Majid al-Faysal – BP Chairman and Commander BP Militia Salah al-Din Governate.

37. Latif Nussayif Jasim al-Dulaymi – BP Deputy Chairman.

38. Taha Yassin Ramadan – Vice-President of Iraq.

39. Rukan Razuki abd al-Ghaful Sulayman al-Tikriti – Chief of Tribal Affairs.

40. Jamal Mustafa Sultan al-Tikriti – Private Secretary to Saddam Hussein.

41. Mizban Khider Hadi – RCC Member, Commander Central Euphrates Region.

42. Taha Mohieddin Ma'rouf – Vice-President and RCC member. 43. Tareq Aziz – Deputy Prime Minister. 44. Walid Hamid Tawfiq – Governor of Basra.

45. Hikmat Ibrahim al-Azzawi – Deputy Prime Minister, Economics and Finance Minister.

46. Mahmoud Diyab al-Ahmed – Minister of the Interior.

47. Amer Mohammed Rashid (Rasheed) – Former Oil Minister.

48. Mohammed Mehdi Saleh – Minister of Trade.

49. Hussam Mohammad Amin al-Yasin – National Monitoring Director.

50. Sabawi Ibrahim – Baath Party, Saddam's maternal half-brother.

51. Watban Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti – Saddam's half-brother and presidential adviser.

52. Barzan Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti – Saddam half-brother and adviser to the president.

53. Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash – Party Youth and Trade Bureau Chairwoman.

54. Abdul-Khaleq Abdul-Ghafur – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

55. Amer Hammoudi al-Saadi – Top Scientific Adviser.


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