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Muath Welfare Trust
Fulfilling the aspirations of the
Yemeni community in Britain
The Muath Welfare Trust (MWT) was established in 1990. A Yemeni charity based in Birmingham, its main aims are to cater for the needs of the Yemeni community in particular and the wider community in general, and to enable the community to take a fuller part in British society.

This is achieved through the provision of education and training, recreational and social welfare activities and facilities.

The Trust is based in the Bordesley Centre, a grade II listed building, formerly King Edward Camp Hill Grammar School, and a site of historical significance.

The Trust initiated its activities and services in 1993, when the Centre was officially opened by Lord Howell and Mr Ali Mohammed and Ahmed Hayel Saeed of the Hayel Saeed An’aam Group of companies in Yemen, benefactors of the Centre - a gift highiy appreciated not only by the Yemeni community, but also by the people of Birmingham for the Centre’s valuable services and contribution to the city. These services include:

  • education and training for adults;
  • evening supplementary school delivering the Yemeni curriculum;
  • weekend Arabic school;
  • cultural activities including multi-cultural and multi-faith programmes, exhibitions and celebrations;
  • recreational activities, including indoor and outdoor games, trips, scouts, camps and sports tournaments.

The Trust also runs a residential hall at the Centre with 14 fully furnished rooms and 3 family flats.

Last July the Trust ran a multi-cultural programme of events entitled "Giving a Soul to Europe" - an initiative that made the Trust the first Muslim organisation in Europe

to secure funding from the European Commission for this programme. The initiative contained seminars, workshops, musical concerts and a photographic exhibition highlighting the diversity of European nations in faiths, cultures and social life patterns as a whole. The exhibition is available for loan to interested parties.

More generally, the Trust is heavily engaged in tackling the various issues relating to the Yemeni community in Britain and has taken an active role to present the views of the community to the local authority, researchers, the media and others concerned with the community. The Muath Welfare Trust sees itself as an organisation with a vision. It works to enable the Yemeni community to interact with all sections of society and to enrich local cultures and participate in local initiatives.

December 1997