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  Book review

Studies in the Archaeology of Yemen: Results of American and Canadian Expeditions

translated by Dr Yasin Mahmud Al-Khalesi and edited and introduced by Dr Noha Sadek

American Institute for Yemeni Studies (AIYS/ Yemen: P. O. Box 2658, Sana’a), Yemen Research Series: translation of Western-language research into Arabic, Vol. 4, 2001. Pp. 365. Illus. Plans. Tables. Maps. Notes. Pb. ISBN: 1-882557-08-5.

In recent years several American and Canadian archaeological teams have excavated in different parts of Yemen — Marib, Hadhramaut, Tihama and the central highlands. Reports on their work which have appeared in various learned journals between 1992—98 have now been translated into Arabic and brought together in this paperback. Contributors include: C. Edens, T. J. Wilkinson, M. Gibson, Joy McCorriston, William Glanzman, E. J. Keall and Ingrid Hehmeyer; articles by the last three were originally published in Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies.

The purpose of the AI YS translation series is the commendable one of making Western research in and on Yemen more accessible to Arab students and scholars. In this publication most parenthetical references and explanatory notes necessarily remain in the original English, subject to occasional lapses of orthography which are also apparent in the English translation of the Arabic title page.