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Country briefing: Comoros


News reports and articles

Latest news from Comoros

Blog posts about Comoros by Brian Whitaker

Online news sources for Comoros

Basic information

History, politics, geography, economy and more

Comoros: a country study
Detailed information from the US Library of Congress

CIA World Factbook - Comoros

BBC country profile: Comoros

Maps of Comoros 

Local time 

Local weather 

Currency converter 
Comoros franc (KMF)

National flag of Comoros

National anthem 
Audio, lyrics and sheet music (National Anthems Reference Page)

Languages of Comoros
Ethnologue Database

Historical and political texts relating to Comoros


Constitutional information 
Law Library of Congress

Text of constitution 
2001, with amendments up to 2009

List of government ministers (CIA)

Republican Party of Comoros (in French)

Human rights reports on Comoros


Comoros timeline
A chronology of key events (from the BBC)

History of Comoros (Wikipedia)


US State Department
travel advice

British Foreign Office  
Travel advice

Lonely Planet 
Online tourist guide to Bahrain

Comores Online

Electricity, plugs and sockets 


World Bank: Comoros 
Comprehensive economic data

Comoros and the IMF


The coelacanth
Details of a rare "living fossil" fish found in the waters of the Comoro Islands. It was believed to have been extinct for millions of years until one was discovered alive in 1938.

The lemur
Lemurs are a type of monkey found only in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. [University of Michigan Museum of Zoology]

The Comoro Islands' Home Page
Pictures, information about the islands, and some useful links

Action Comores
A voluntary conservation organisation working in the Comoros Islands


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Books from Amazon

The Indian Ocean in World History
Edward Alpers, 2013
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Lonely Planet Madagascar & Comoros
Aaron Anderson and David Andrew, 2008
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