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The influence of climate
on window design

windows1.gif (34442 bytes)

ABOVE: Windows in the upper floor of a house in Sana'a. There are decorative grilles above, with coloured glass set in gypsum, and below the openings have timber shutters, with glazed windows behind. Gypsum plaster is used externally to give extra protection against the weather to the wall which is of burnt brick set in mud mortar.

windows2.gif (60970 bytes)

ABOVE: The ornate decorative gypsum screen is flanked by a high ventilation opening known as a shagoos. There is a canopy over the timber shutters below, which have small hinged openings to allow a view or some ventilation when the main shutters are closed. The window is in a wall of burnt brick in the upper floor of a house in Sana'a.

windows3.gif (95814 bytes)

ABOVE: Jewish design of windows in Ga' al-Oloufi (formerly Ga’ al-Yahudi), in Sana'a. Light is admitted through translucent alabaster panels, and ventilation through the opening fitted with timber shutters. There is a gypsum plaster surround and the windows are set in a wall of zabur.



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