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  • By: Brian Whitaker
    Egyptian morality police are systematically using fake social media accounts to target LGBT people, according to a report published yesterday. Out of 232 prosecutions for "non-normative" sexual behaviour over the last four years, 129 – more than half – were the result of entrapment through...
  • By: Brian Whitaker
    In case you are wondering about the lack of blog posts here during the last couple of weeks it's because I have been investigating some British angles in the Trump/Russia affair. Since it's not very relevant to the Middle East I decided to post it on Medium rather than al-bab. Readers who are...
  • By: Brian Whitaker
    A week after Saudi Arabia unveiled plans to build a $500 billion futuristic megacity free from the kingdom's usual religious restrictions, there's confusion over what, exactly, will be allowed. A video presentation last week envisaged men and women working side by side in the new city, women...
  • By: Brian Whitaker
    Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is on a mission to shake up Saudi Arabia, the most change-resistant of Arab countries. Though still only 32 and not actually king, he appears to have been given unlimited power and is determined to make use of it. Last week alone, he...
  • By: Brian Whitaker
    Amid the continuing moral panic over homosexuality in Egypt, a draft law submitted to parliament proposes not only to criminalise gay sex but also to ban rainbow flags and outlaw almost any kind of social activity involving gay people. The draft law, presented to the Speaker by MP Riad Abdel...

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