23rd August 2023
More information is gradually emerging about the mysterious private jet impounded at Lusaka airport in Zambia after a flight from Cairo, and enough… Read more
21st August 2023
Last week Zambian drug enforcement officers searched and impounded a private jet after it landed at Lusaka airport on a flight from Cairo. It turned… Read more
1st October 2022
A British woman who became a prominent defender of Syria’s Assad regime resurfaced this week as an “international observer” for Russia’s sham… Read more
24th September 2022
A British academic whose Twitter account is tagged as "Iran state-affiliated media" was the main author of a report on Islamophobia published this… Read more
17th September 2022
A man has been sentenced to death in Libya after converting from Islam to Christianity, according to local news reports.  Details are scarce, but… Read more
25th August 2022
The Egyptian authorities have got themselves in a tangle over photography. They want the country to be seen as an attractive tourist destination and… Read more
8th August 2022
Shortly before Christmas in 2012 a mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in the United States left 20 children and six teachers dead. Eight… Read more
1st August 2022
Thirteen people charged in connection with the world's worst crane disaster have gone on trial in Saudi Arabia for a third time, after previously… Read more
23rd July 2022
A few years ago Egypt's Supreme Council for Media Regulation decreed that gay people must not appear in print or audio or visual media "except in… Read more
22nd July 2022
Following Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, British prime minister Margaret Thatcher advocated using banned chemical weapons against… Read more
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