17th February 2024
Publishing an independent newspaper is a hazardous business in countries where there is no tradition of a free press and where the… Read more
1st December 2023

At the height of the AIDS epidemic millions of people, especially in the world’s poorest countries, faced illness and death without access to proper treatment — and desperation opened the door for charlatans raising false hopes with quack cures.

24th October 2023

An accident involving a Palestinian rocket is the most likely scenario but exactly what happened is still far from clear.

26th September 2023
One of the most horrific moments of the Syrian conflict came in August 2013 when rockets laden with the nerve agent sarin hit Ghouta, a rebel-held… Read more
23rd August 2023
More information is gradually emerging about the mysterious private jet impounded at Lusaka airport in Zambia after a flight from Cairo, and enough… Read more
21st August 2023
Centre of suspicion: the impounded Bombardier business jet, registration T7-WSS, on the tarmac at Lusaka airportLast week Zambian drug enforcement… Read more
1st October 2022
"International observer" Beeley (right) at the news conferenceA British woman who became a prominent defender of Syria’s Assad regime resurfaced this… Read more
24th September 2022
A British academic whose Twitter account is tagged as "Iran state-affiliated media" was the main author of a report on Islamophobia published this… Read more
17th September 2022
A man has been sentenced to death in Libya after converting from Islam to Christianity, according to local news reports.  Details are scarce, but… Read more
25th August 2022
The Egyptian authorities have got themselves in a tangle over photography. They want the country to be seen as an attractive tourist destination… Read more
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