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Yemen: environment



Water resources and use
(Aquastat, food and agriculture organisation)

Qat farmers: a drain on the nation's water
by Mutahar Zeid Mutahar (Yemen Times, 18.1.99)

Yemen: towards a water strategy 
World Bank, 1997

Yemen's water crisis 
By Christopher Ward, of the World Bank (British-Yemeni Society Journal, 2001)

Getting dug into Sheba's Terraces
The Guardian, 24 January, 1992

Responses to water scarcity
Social adaptive capacity and the role of environmental information - a case study from Ta'iz, Yemen. By Y Mohieldeen, SOAS, London, 1999.(PDF file)

Monitoring qat with earth observation data and geographic information system techniques  
A study in the region of Jabal Sabir, Ta'izz, Yemen. By K Leung, SOAS, London, 1999. (PDF file)

Water demand management, natural resource reconstruction and traditional value systems
A case study from Yemen, by G Lichtenthäler and A R Turton, SOAS, London, 1999. (PDF file)

Water resources information in Yemen 
By Qahtan Yehya al-Asbahi, National Integrated Water Resources Management Program, Yemen (IWG-Env, International Work Session on Water Statistics, Vienna, June 20-22 2005)

Approaches to potable water in Yemen 
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

See also al-bab's water page


Energy in Yemen  
Detailed information about oil, refining, natural gas and electricity, plus a general overview of developments and prospects (United States Department of Energy). 

Oil and the non-OPEC countries (including Yemen)  
US Energy Information Administration fact-sheet

Oil and gas in the Yemen  
By Michael Whittall (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Bab al-Mandab 
The importance to world oil trade of the strait connecting the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden, and the potential effects of its closure (US Energy Information Administration)

For more about oil and gas, see Yemen's economy page

Flora and fauna

Wildlife conservation initiatives in Yemen
by Derek Harvey (British-Yemeni Society Journal, December 1999)

Wildlife in Yemen
Jack Jackson describes the areas most worth visiting (Arabian Wildlife. Volume 2, Number 2)

Wildlife and conservation in eastern Yemen
by Michael. C. Jennings - Yemen Update 34 (1994: 20-22)

Royal Botanic Garden (Edinburgh)
A fascinating website with information about the flora of the Soqotran Archipelago.

Naturalist in Socotra
by Dr Wolfgang Wranik, University of Rostock. Report from a biologist who took part in a Unesco mission to the island in 1993 - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 8-11)

Forests in Yemen

Trees and nature in the Shari'a
by Martin Herzog

Tracking locusts - in Yemen and far beyond
by George Popov (British-Yemeni Society Journal, November 1998)

Botany, incense and myrrh
by Helene Barthey - Yemen Update 39 (1997: 52 -53)

Utmah Wildlife Sanctuary
This area, noted for its natural history, was declared a protected zone in 1999. (Yemen Times, 13 March, 1999)


Birds of Yemen
A brief overview by Richard Porter (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Bird-watching in Yemen
Illustrated report of a trip in 1992 by John van der Woude (Netherland)

Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME)
Information for bird-watchers in Yemen and other Arab countries 

Yemen bird sightings in 1995
(OSME reports)

Summary of the OSME Survey of Southern and Eastern Yemen and Socotra: Spring 1993
by P. Davidson - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 12, 33)

Yemen Society for the Protection of Wildlife 

Yemen hotspots (for bird life)

Birds of Yemen (Wikipedia)

Urban environment

A commentary on Yemeni traditional architecture
by Derek Matthews (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Organisation of World Heritage Cities

Shibam Historic City
World Monuments Watch

Sanaa's old city 
Organisation of World Heritage Cities

Organisation of World Heritage Cities

Restoration of the 'Amiriya
Detailed description of a project to restore the 16th century madrasa in Rada (American Institute for Yemeni Studies)

Qudâd: The traditional Yemeni plaster
by Selma al-Radi - Yemen Update 34 (1994: 6-13)

Defensive architecture in Yemen
by David Warburton - Yemen Update 33 (1993: 20, 21)

In the shadow of a master
by Trevor Marchand. Minaret building techniques (British-Yemeni Society Journal, July 2002)

Selected articles and links

Community development through co-operation by A. G. Milroy, Arid Lands Initiative

Contemporary wooden fishing craft of Yemen
Boat-building in the Tihama and Gulf of Aden, by Edward Prados - Yemen Update 40 (1998: 5-8)

Oriental Institute Investigations in Yemen - archaeological findings with environmental relevance.

Paleontological reconnaisance in Yemen
Ian Tattersall, James Clark and Peter Whybrow on the trail of a fossilised frog - Yemen Update 37 (1995: 21-24)


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