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Yemen: food and drink


Mocha, Yemen's historic coffee port, in 1692


Coffee and tea

The coffees of Yemen

Coffea arabica (Wikipedia)

Yemeni coffee
Cultivation and technical notes

The land where coffee began 
A traveller's notes

Mocha coffee 
As drunk in the west (Wikipedia)

Mocha coffee 
Its source, and a recipe

Ginger coffee (Qishr)

Tea drinking in Yemen
There's more than one way to make tea - and how you make it depends on which part of the country you're in. (Yemen Times, 1 Mar 1999)


Alcohol was sold openly in southern Yemen during the British occupation and, later, under Marxist rule. The famous Seera beer was produced by the National Brewing Company in Aden - the only legal brewery in the whole of the Arabian peninsula.

Following the unification of north and south Yemen in 1990, the brewery began to attract the attention of strict Muslims and there was talk of closing it during Ramadan or turning it over to full-time vinegar production. The brewery was destroyed by northern troops entering Aden at the end of the 1994 war and has not been rebuilt.

Flaschenetikett Seera Beer

The spread of beer, wine and liquor in Yemen 
By Hakim Almasmari (Yemen Times, 23 January 2006).

Yemeni recipes

Additional recipes are welcome

Sauces and spices


Hawayij (Yemeni spice mix)

Zhug (A hot, spicy sauce. See alternative recipe and note in Wikipedia.)


Salta - the traditional lunchtime dish (Yemen Times)

String bean soup

Meat, chicken, fish

Stewed beef shank (Hor'i)

Fatah (beef)

Yemeni Filo [Yemen Times]

Meat loaf (halabi kebab)

Meat loaf (halabi kebab)

Shashlik with vegetables

"Melons with Wings"

Roast chicken with cumin

Chicken with melon 

White fish with red pepper and spices

Fish in tomato sauce with hawayij


Aubergine in spicy tomato sauce

Aubergine salad

Aubergine salad with currants

Baked guavas stuffed with mushrooms and olives  


Stuffed artichokes

Tomato and coriander salad (Banadura Salata b'Kizbara)


Honey cake (Bint al-Sahn)

Date balls [Yemen Times]


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Suppliers of Yemeni coffee

Al-Hamdani Mocha Coffee
Growers, producers, and exporters, established more than 60 years. 
Address: Zubairi Street, Sana'a 
Tel : +967-1-214-463
Fax: +967-1-201-957
Email: hamdanimochacoffee@y.net.ye

Yemen Coffee Processing Co.
Producers of vacuum-packed coffee. Also organic green coffee.
Factory: Bait Athran, Asir
Head Office: Ali Abdul Mughni Street, Sana'a
Tel: +967-1-272-423; +967-1-216 967
Fax: +967-1-274 199; +967-1-209 525 
Email: yemencoffee@y.net.ye 
Website: www.yemencoffee.net

Musallam Trading Est.
Coffee exporters 
Address: PO Box 4533, Commercial Street, Hodeidah
Tel: +967-3-219 791/2/3/4
Fax: +967-3-219 790 
Email: MUS123@y.net.ye 
Website: musallamcorp.com 

Supplier in the US:

Coffee Bean Corral (Arizona)


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