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Yemeni arts and culture


Music and poetry

Poetry: the best expression of Yemen's psyche
Yemen Observer, 14 October 1999

Rediscovering Yafiee songs through Yahya Omer al-Yafiee - Yemen Times

Yemeni Mowashaha
A highly classical style of music sometimes known as Sana'ani song. [Yemen Times, 1 Feb 1999]

Waddah al-Yaman: national poet
by Abdulla al-Udhari (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Al-Khallool: the oldest musical instrument in Yemen
The metre-long khallool may look like a cudgel or a walking stick, but actually it's a flute. It is played in the Tihama area and has probably changed little during the last 500 years. There are just two holes - at the far end of the instrument. [Yemen Times]


Traditional music in the Yemen
by A D Bakewell (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Iskander Thabet: a monument in modern Yemeni music history
Yemen Times - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 13, 21)

Muhammed Mahmud al-Harithi: an embodiment of 50 years of Yemeni music
Yemen Times - Yemen Update 33 (1993: 30 -31)

Sounds of Wisdom 
by Paul Hughes-Smith (British-Yemeni Society Journal, August 2005)

Musicians and poets

Ahmad Fathi
Born in Hodeidah in the 1950s, Ahmad Fathi has become one of Yemen's most famous musicians, noted for his creativity and brilliance in playing the lute [Yemen Times, 15 Feb 1999]. On-line music by Ahmad Fathi: Ya Mohager; Mushtagla-ahbaby Mushtag*; Meskeen Ya-Nass*; Sananiah*

Fadl Kuraidi
A singer from Lahij who has been popular for around 30 years. [Yemen Times, 4 Jan 1999]

Faisal Alawi: master of Yemeni folklore song [Yemen Times, 11 Jan 1999]

Najib Saeed Thabet
Aden-born singer with a career spanning 25 years [Yemen Times, 18 Jan 1999]

Shayef al-Khaledi
Obituary of a folk poet [Yemen Times, 25 Jan 1999]

Yemeni music on line

Yemeni music 
Dowloadable songs from Arabia Felix magazine

Yemeni drums* (Alber'a) for weddings and ceremonies

Haneen Almufariq* (Ayoob Tarish Absi)

Traditional 'ud music (49 seconds - 97KB)

Music for weddings in Sana'a (39 seconds - 76KB)

Ya Naseen Alhabayeb Abu-Bakr Salim & Abdullah Al-Ruwaishid (33 seconds - 66KB)

Ya Mohager Ahmed Fathi (31 seconds -  62KB)

Aheb Ruba Sana'a Abu-Bakr Salim (33 seconds - 67KB)

Ya Benat Hawd Ala-ashraf*

Abu Bakr Salim Bel-Fageeh*

Nar Boedek*

Ya Sehraan*

Hebat Reyahek*

Yemeni Jewish music* (text file with links to music)

Aroosnabein Alhuly* (Ayoob Tarish Absey)

Tubna Khalas* (Abu Bakr Salim)

Ya Taerah Tairi* (Abu Bakr Salim)

Mushtagla-ahbaby Mushtag* (Ahmed Fathi)

Meskeen Ya-Nass* (Ahmed Fathi)

Sananiah* (Ahmed Fathi)

* = Music from Shakr al-Ashwal's Home Page (well worth a visit)


Theatre in Yemen: experience and ambitions - Yemen Times

Has Yemen ever known the theatre? [Yemen Times, 15 Feb 1999]




Paintings of Yemen  
A selection of watercolours and oils by Caroline Lees

Yemen through the eyes of a painter

Marib and Timna by an Unknown Artist
(British-Yemeni Society Journal, December 1999)


A commentary on Yemeni traditional architecture
by Derek Matthews (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

The Ancient Art of Architecture in Yemen 
by Dr. Mahmood A. Razak, Professor of Archeology in the College of Arts, Sana'a University

In the shadow of a master
The ancient craft of minaret building, by Trevor H. J. Marchand (British-Yemeni Society Journal, July 2002)


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Sounds of Yemen

CD recordings
from amazon.com

Music of Yemen
(The Music of Islam series, Volume 11.) Various artists / Audio CD / Released 1998

Music of the High Plateau
Audio CD / Released 1997

Songs From Hadramawt
Various artists / Audio CD / Released 1998


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