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Yemeni politics


Developments since 1990

Politics of Yemen - Wikipedia

The Birth of Modern Yemen 
An e-book by Brian Whitaker documenting north-south unification in 1990, democratisation, the 1994 war and its aftermath.

Yemen: challenges for the future  
London conference report, 2013

Rumblings from a distant outbreak of democracy
The Guardian, 2 Jan 1992

International Crisis Group 
Recent reports on Yemen

Elections in Yemen

Human rights in Yemen

National Democratic Institute 
Details of the Washington-based organisation's Yemen programme

Yemen corruption assessment
USAID, September 2006

He who rides the lion
Authoritarian rule in a plural society. 
By Omar Daair, School of Oriental and African Studies, London (September 2001)

Yémen: l'Arabie heureuse en mouvement 
Report of a visit by French Senatorial Friendship Group, March 2001 (in French). Also background information and pictures

Avoiding elections
Middle East International, 1 September, 2000

Proposed amendments to constitution
August, 2000

Members of Parliament: a dismal attendance record
Article in the Yemen Times, 8 March, 1999

Emerging Democracies Forum
This conference, held in Sana'a in July 1999, was attended by 16 countries, including Yemen and Morocco from the Arab world:  

Contemporaneous reports by the Yemen Times
- National Democratic Institute
The Sana'a Declaration - full text
British-Yemeni Society - report on the conference

Speech by President Saleh 
25 September 2011. The first speech delivered by Saleh after his return from Saudi Arabia where he had been recovering following an assassination attempt.

Yemen transition agreement, 2011 
English translation of the power transfer agreement brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council setting out the terms under which President Saleh would leave office.

Political parties in Yemen

Law No 66 (1991) Concerning Parties and Political Organisations

Yemeni party law: a comparative perspective
by Ahmed A Saif

Yemeni electoral and party systems
by Ahmed A Saif

Commentary on the law of political parties

Law No 41 (1992) Concerning General Elections

Law No 27 (1996) Concerning General Elections

General People's Congress  
Official website of the ruling party ("under construction")

Yemeni Islah Party 
Official website (in Arabic)

Islah Party manifesto 
1997 parliamentary election

Yemen Socialist Party
Report of Fourth General Congress, 30 August, 2000

Security issues in Yemen

Security incidents, 2000  
Previous reports: 1999, 1998, 1990-94

Kidnappings since 1996

Executions since 1998

Attack on the USS Cole
October 12, 2000

Osama bin Laden and Yemen

Abu Hamza and the Islamic Army of Aden-Abyan


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Civil Society in Yemen
The political economy of activism in modern Arabia, by Sheila Carapico. Purchase from amazon.com or www.amazon.co.uk


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