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Yemen: travel and tourism



US State Department 
Consular information and travel advice

British Foreign Office  
Travel advice 

Local time

Local weather

Currency converter 
Yemeni riyal (QAR)

Lonely Planet 
Online tourist guide to Yemen

Travel hints 
(Yemen Explorer Tours)

Maps of Yemen

Public holidays 

Electricity and phones (Steve Kropla)
Plugs, sockets, TV system, mobile roaming, etc.

The national airline (with details of scheduled flights)

Tourism in Yemen: a view
by Jack Jackson (British-Yemeni Society Journal, 1993)

Tourism statistics 1988-1997

What to see

Places of interest 
(Yemen Explorer Tours)

Sights and sounds of Yemen 
A guided tour (with audio)

An Arabian dream 
An idyllic view of Yemen as a tourist destination, from the Yemeni embassy in Washington 

Wildlife in Yemen 
Jack Jackson describes the areas most worth visiting

Birds of Yemen
A brief overview by Richard Porter (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Flora of Soqotra
The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh has a fascinating website with information about the flora of the Soqotran Archipelago.

Damt: a tourist attraction awaiting investment
Damt is a magnificent area with hot water springs, lush green valleys and mountains ... but few tourist facilities. [Yemen Times April 26, 1999]

Travellers' tales

Going to extremes
Despite official warnings, Tim Morris took his family to Yemen for a holiday and had a great time

Sanaa Airport: love it or leave it
by Lily Chongthu (Yemen Times, 3 January 1999)

Images and thoughts on Yemen  
by Helga Tawil

Letter from Yafa’
by Salma Samar al-Damluji (British-Yemeni Society Journal, July 2000)

Hadhramaut and thereabouts
by Jim Ellis, OBE (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Yemen in the days of the Imam Ahmed
by Ronald Bailey (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Books for travellers  
(al-bab's selection)

Rambles in Yemen
by Kenneth Cline - Yemen Update 35 (1994: 17-21)

After New York ... before Sanaa: a postmodern Lufthansa lullaby
by Daniel Martin Varisco - Yemen Update 40 (1998: 24-28)

Observations on the baboons in the garden of the Bostan Restaurant
by Daniel Martin Varisco - Yemen Update 28/29 (1991: 11-14)

An entry into Yemen from al-Rub' al-Khali
by Lenard Milich - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 14-15)

A Trip to the Hadramawt
by Daniel Martin Varisco - Yemen Update 30/31 (1992: 16-20)

Christmas in Dhala, 1939 
by Helen Joly de Lotbinière (British-Yemeni Society Journal, 2006)

Soqotra revisited 
by Neil Orr (British-Yemeni Society Journal, 2005)

By the beaches of Socotra and the pink Arabian Sea 
by Georgina Harding (British-Yemeni Society Journal, 2006)

City summaries

Potted guides to places of interest (from Arab.Net)


In the Yemen travel section


In the Yemen section



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Motoring With Mohammed
Journeys to Yemen and the Red Sea
by Eric Hansen


by Peter Wald, Sebastian Wormell (translator)

[Insight guide]

Insight Guide

Lonely Planet Yemen
(3rd edition)
by Pertti Hamalainen

Impressions of Yemen
by Pascal Marechaux, Maria Marechaux

Travellers in Arabia
by Robin Bidwell

A Yemen Reality
by Salma Samar Damluji

Discovery Guide to Yemen
by Chris Bradley

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Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land
by Tim Mackintosh-Smith

An Element of Luck
by Michael Crouch

Eating the Flowers of Paradise
by Kevin Rushby


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