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History of Yemen 
A general overview - Wikipedia

Chronology and timelines

The Birth of Modern Yemen 
An e-book by Brian Whitaker documenting north-south unification in 1990, democratisation, the 1994 war and its aftermath.

UNESCO World Heritage sites in Yemen 

Oriental Institute Investigations on Yemen
archaeological findings over the past few years.

Archaeological research in Yemen
by Carl Phillips (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Bibliography of Yemeni coinage  
by Michael L. Bates, Curator of Islamic Coins for the American Numismatic Society - Yemen Update 40 (1998: 14 -16)

Yemenite Virtual Museum

Yemeni leaders and rulers  
A complete list of leaders throughout history

The development of the Port of Aden 
by Captain Roy Facey (British-Yemeni Society Journal, November 1998)

Hadhramaut and thereabouts
by Jim Ellis, OBE (British-Yemeni Society Journal) 

Ancient history

Queen of Sheba website 

Queen of Sheba exhibition
Notes on an exhibition at the British Museum, London (June-October 2002)

From the Queen of Saba to a modern state
3,000 years of civilisation in southern Arabia. (Originally published by the General People's Congress, 1997)

Yemeni megaliths
(Archaeological Institute of America)

Bronzes in ancient South Arabia
by David Warburton - Yemen Update 37 (1995: 25, 47)

Women in ancient Yemen
by David Warburton - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 23, 33)

Antiquities in the Aden Protectorate, 1935-40
by Julian Lush (British-Yemeni Society Journal, November 1998)

Story of the Marib Dam  
Yemen Times

Paleontological reconnaissance in Yemen
by Ian and James M. Clark and Peter Whybrow. Tattersall - Yemen Update 37 (1995: 21 -24)

Palaces and temples of Serwah
Serwah area was an important centre of culture during the first millennium BC. [Yemen Times]

Hazm al-Jawf: the last frontier
This area - currently off-limits to visitors because of the risk of kidnapping - has a history dating back 4,000 years. [Mohammed al-Shuwaibi, Yemen Times]

Islamic period

The Aden hinterland and Abyan: a survey of Islamic sites
by G R D King (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

The holy men of medieval Tihâma
by Francine Stone - Yemen Update 40 (1998: 9 -13)

The contribution of Yemenite Jewish writings to Yemenite history
by Yosef Tobi - Yemen Update 33 (1993: 32 -33)

Defensive architecture in Yemen
by David Warburton - Yemen Update 33 (1993: 20, 21)

Islamic archaeology in Aden 
Originally published in al-Yemen al-Jadid, April 1988

Yemen in the days of the Imam Ahmed
by Ronald Bailey (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Book review: Records of the Yemen 1798-1960
edited by Doreen and Leila Ingrams (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Book review: Indigo in the Arab World
by Jenny Balfour-Paul (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Hadhrami Migration in the 19th and 20th Centuries
by Ulrike Freitag (British-Yemeni Society Journal, December 1999)

The British in Yemen (1839-1967)

An Element of Luck
Extracts from the book by Michael A Crouch, who served as a British political officer in Aden between 1958 and 1967, The complete book can be purchased from amazon.co.uk

The British withdrawal from Aden
A personal memory by Oliver Miles (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Samuel Wilson: A British soldier in Yemen in 1799
by Daniel Martin Varisco - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 22, 44)

Division of the Yemen (1902-1904)
by G. A. Shepherd (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

The Quiet Travels of Colonel Boscawen
by John Shipman (British-Yemeni Society Journal, December 1999)

The Crater residence of Capt. S B Haines
by Merilyn Hywel-Jones (British-Yemeni Society Journal, November 1998)

Princess of Zinj, 1804-1856 
by John Shipman (British-Yemeni Society Journal, July 2000)

The Armed Forces of Aden, 1839-1967  
Book review by Cliff Lord and David Birtles (British-Yemeni Society Journal, July 2000)

The Keith-Falconer Expedition, 1886-1963 
by H K Robertson (British-Yemeni Society Journal, November 1995)

Plain tales from the sands  
Border relations with Saudi Arabia during the British occupation of southern Yemen. by Jim Ellis (British-Yemeni Society Journal, July 2000)

Sheikh Abdullah Ali al-Hakimi 
Portraint of a Yemen religious leader and political reformer of the 1940s and 1950s. By Dcik Lawless (British-Yemeni Society Journali, November 1993)

National Service in Aden 
Reminiscences from the 1950s by I C Taylor (The Pharmaceutical Journal Vol 263 No 7076 pp 1018-1019
December 18-25, 1999)

The Barren Rocks of Aden  
A series of first-hand accounts by former members of the British forces in Aden (1964-1967)

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 
Their tour of duty in the British colony of Aden

Yemen in the Days of Imam Ahmed 
Recollections by Ronald Bailey from the 1960s  (British-Yemeni Society Journal, November 1994)

Dhala' Diary: May-December 1966 
by Peter Hinchcliffe (British-Yemeni Society Journal, July 2000)

The British withdrawal from Aden, 1967 
A personal memory by Oliver Miles (British-Yemeni Society Journal, December 1997)

Into the Hills  
British military action in Radfan, 1964-1967

BP Aden kids  
A website for the staff of the former BP refinery in Little Aden. The site has a large number of pictures and accounts of life in Aden from the 1960s through to modern times.


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