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'Democratic Republic of Yemen', 1994

President: Ali Salim al-Baid (YSP) 
Vice-president: Abd al-Rahman al-Jifri (Sons of Yemen)

The Democratic Republic of Yemen was proclaimed by southern secessionists in May 1994 during the north-south war and the following list of government ministers was announced. The state was not internationally recognied and collapsed in July 1994.

Position Name Party
Prime Minister and Finance Minister Haydar Abu Bakr al-Attas YSP
Deputy Prime Minister Muhammad Haydarah Masdus YSP
Agriculture and Water Muhammad Sulayman Nasir ?
Awqaf and Guidance Mustafa Abd al-Rahman al-Attas ?
Civil Service & Admin Reform Ahmad Zayn Aydrus ?
Culture and Information Abu Bakr Abd al-Razzaq Ba Dhib ?
Defence Haytham Qasim Tahir YSP
Education and Instruction Abu Bakr al-Saqqaf ?
Electricity and Water Ahmad Ali al-Sallami YSP
Fish Resources Fadl Muhsin Abdullah YSP
Foreign Minister Abdullah Abd al-Majid al-Asnaj* YSP
Health Sayf Abdullah Sa'id Jaradah ?
Housing & Urban Planning Muhammad Sa'id Abdullah Muhsin YSP
Installations & Maintenance Abdullah Nasir Rashid ?
Interior and Security Muhammad Ali Ahmad ?
Justice Muhammad Mahmud Nasir ?
Labour Muhsin Ali Yasir ?
Local Government Ahmad Abdullah al-Majidi ?
Minister of State Hadi Muhammad Amir ?
Minister of State Salih Abdullah Muthanna YSP
Minister of State Abd al-Wasi Ahmad Salam YSP
Minister of State Umar Abd al-Samad ?
Minister of State Sayf Muqbil al-Uzaybi ?
Minister of State Qasim Yahya ?
Oil and Minerals Salih Abu Bakr Bin Husaynun YSP
Planning and Development* Muhsin Muhammad Bin Abu Bakr Bin Farid ?
Social Security & Social Affairs Hazim Ali Shukri ?
Trade and Industry Yahya Muhammad al-Jifri SOY
Transport and Communications* Salih Ubayd Ahmad YSP
Youth and Sports Muhammad Ahmad al-Afif ?

* Also deputy prime minister  


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