The new Iraqi press, 2003

RETURN to Iraqi media after Saddam

The overthrow of Saddam Hussein led to an explosion of newspaper publishing in Iraq. Below is a list of all Iraqi newspapers and magazines that were known to be publishing in July 2003. It was compiled using information from the BBC Monitoring Service and Arab Press Freedom Watch. Those marked with an asterisk in the "comments" box first appeared after 5 June 2003.Some publications describing themselves as daily were actually published less frequently.

After this initial burst of activity many of them closed as the security situation deteriorated.

Title Frequency Lang Publisher/editor Affiliation Comments
9 Nisan
[9 April]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Lt-Gen Abdallah Hamid al-Miyahi; editor: Ali Abdallah al-Haydari Independent Political Prisoners Organisation Named after "the day on which the tyrant fell and the new Iraq was born". Chairman Miyahi was/is in the air force*
Daily/twice weekly Arabic Supervisor: Adil al-Sayyid Abd-al-Mahdi Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) Currently published twice a week by Dar al-Adallah (House of Justice) of SCIRI*
Weekly Arabic Editor: Akram al-Rubay'i Issued by "a group of journalists" *
[The People]
Arabic Publisher: Husayn Sinjari; editor: Haval Zakhoubi "The first liberal newspaper of Iraq".Published by al-Ahali House, Baghdad*
al-Ahd al-Jadid
[The New Covenant]
Weekly Arabic Founder/editor: Abd-al-Basit al-Naqqash "Democratic, liberal independent"
[The Liberals]
Daily/weekly Arabic Editor: Muhammad al-Hamdani "The newspaper of all Arabs", currently published only on Sundays. Focuses on social issuesand calls for improvements in living conditions and the security situation. Shi'ite
[The News]
Twice weekly Arabic Editor: Ali al-Sahrifi Published by al-Akhbar Foundation for Press and Publication
Akhbar Alyoum
[Daily News]
al-Alam Bayn Yadayk
[The World in Between Hands]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Wisam Karim al-Azzawi; editor: Ahmad Falah al-Amshawi Issued by the Uruk Independent Media Organisation*
Weekly Arabic Editor: Atallah Abd-al-Ghafur Zaydan "Political, economic, social, scientific, medical, and artistic" weekly issued by "an independent company"*
al-Amal al-Islami
[Islamic Action]
Arabic Chairman: Ala Salih al-Tu'mah; editor: Haydar Nawwaf al-Mas'udi Islamic Action Organisation *
[The Markets]
Daily/twice weekly Arabic Chairman: Ihsan Abd-al-Razzaq; editor: Talal Tal'at Iraqi Industries Union Focuses on industry and commerce*
[The Walls]
Daily Arabic Chairman: Arsan Yusuf al-Zu'bi; editor: Abd-al-Rahman al-Issawi *
[The Return]
Fortnightly Kurdish Publisher: Shakir al-Faili Social Society of Faili Kurds
[The Times]
Daily Arabic Editor: Mazhar Arif Pan-Arab. Editor Arif was a columnist and writer for Babil, the paper that was run by Saddam Hussein's son, Uday *
[The Days]
Daily/twice weekly Arabic Editor: Dr Taha Jazzar Islamic nationalist; issued by Izdihar Company for Publishing and Distribution. Hopes "to become a daily newspaper and a forum for writers and educated journalists". Says it does not "represent the viewpoint of any party, movement, or direction". Currently issued on Sundays and Thursdays
Daily Arabic Publisher/editor: Sa'ad al-Bazzaz Partly produced in London, though local stories are now edited in Baghdad
Baghdad Daily/weekly Arabic Publisher: Dr Iyad Allawi Iraqi National Accord Movement Report in the edition of 25 April 2003 said the paper had transferred its headquarters from London to Baghdad
Baghdad Bulletin Fortnightly English Sales manager: Aziz R Sadek News magazine "incorporated in the United Kingdom and distributed throughout Iraq". Says it is "independent of the occupying forces and not aligned with any political party"*
Baghdad Online Weekly Editor: Ali Hasan Tarish Baghdad Computer Society Focuses on information technology*
[My Country]
Arabic Chairman: Abbas al-Hamadi Iraqi Folklore Poets Union *
[The Statement]
Arabic Editor: Malik Duhan al-Hasan; managing editor: Imran Rashid National Independence Party *
[The Palace Court]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Dr Sa'd al-Ubaydi Iraqi National Coalition *
al-Baqi Weekly Arabic Editor: Shaykh Jasim al-Tamimi al-Hawzah al-Ilmiyah Issued by a Shi'a theological seminary in Najaf *
[The Manifesto]
Daily Arabic Managing editor: Sadiq al-Rikabi Islamic Da'wah Party *
Weekly Arabic Publisher/chairman: Mahmud al-Azzawi; editor: Ghazi Faysal Iraqi National Bloc Based in Mosul*
Brayati Daily Kurdish Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)
[The Volcano]
Daily Arabic Editor: Hatim Shihadhah Jasim Says it is "not linked to any political party, organisation or trend". *
[The Stock Exchange]
Arabic Began circulating in Baghdad in early July 2003 *
Dar al-Salam
[House of Peace]
Weekly Arabic Publisher: Fadil Dulan; editor: Ali Baban Iraqi Islamic Party Its title is the name originally given to Baghdad by the city's founder, the Abbasid caliph Abu-Ja'far al-Mansur*
[The Call]
Arabic Chairman: Abd-al-Karim al-Inzi, and the editor-in-chief is Hasan Sa'id Islamic Da'wah Party Shi'a paper which opposes a government formed under the authority of a foreign power
Weekly Arabic Editor: Nadhir Kazim al-Rubay'i *
[The Democrat]
Weekly Arabic Publisher: Rahim Abu-Hari al-Sa'di Iraqi Rally for Democracy
[The Country; the Homeland]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Ala-al-Din Kazim; editor: Walid al-Tamimi "Self-financed, independent, general, cultural, political weekly newspaper" which provides news "freely and without any restrictions."*
[The Constitution]
Daily Arabic Chairman: Basim al-Shaykh; managing editor: Muhammad Harun Hasan Political daily*
Fajr Baghdad
[Baghdad Dawn]
Weekly Arabic Publisher: Ali al-Dulaymi; editors: Ali al-Nashmi and Salah Abbas Claims to be "the first democratic, independent newspaper to be published in Iraq after the change."
al-Fikr al-Islami
[Islamic Thought]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Fahd al-Gharib; editor: Muhammad Sahi Awwad Free Democratic People's Party Magazine*
Gandeel Arabic
[The Brook]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Sa'd al-Shammari; editor: Hasan Hatif al-Yasiri "Speaks for the masses"*
Govari Gulan Monthly Kurdish Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Magazine
Habazbuz fi Zaman al-Awlamah
[Habazbuz in the Age of Globalization]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Jasim Yusuf al-Yasiri; editor: Ishtar al-Yasiri "Habazbuz" is a name used in Iraqi folklore with no specific meaning. Satirical weekly, "neither eastern nor western, self-financed, and issued by authorisation from the public."
[The Target]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Diya Muhammad Taqiy Issued by the al-Hadaf Foundation for Publication and Advertisement. *
[The Event]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Athir Sa'dun Hamad; editor: Muhammad al-Juburi *
[The Truth]
Weekly Arabic Publisher/editor: Abbas Kamil Published on Tuesdays. Appears to support Abd-al-Karim Qasim, head of the 1958 coup against the monarchy and Iraqi leader until the Ba'ath Party coup of 1963
[The Events]
Weekly Arabic Publisher/editor: Muhammad al-Ani *
Hawal Weekly Kurdish
Hawlati Weekly Kurdish
[Shi'i religious school]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Shaykh Abbas al-Rubay'i; editor: Shaykh Hasan al-Zarkani "Cultural, religious" newspaper issued every Thursday*
al-Hayah al-Iraqiyah
[Iraqi Life]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Sayyid Hamzah al-Musawi 15 Sha'ban Islamic Movement *
[The Crescent]
Daily Arabic Chairman: Dr Abd-al-Wahhab Inad Mi'jil; editor: Imad al-Jalal Currently issued every Tuesday*
[The Dialogue]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Dr Sultan al-Ku'ud; editor: Abd- al-Azim Muhammad National Front for Iraqi Intellectuals
[The Free]
Arabic Editor: Nabil Sa'ib Ali al-A'raji Free Islamic Grouping *
Arabic Editor: Husam al-Saffar Arab Democratic Nationalists Movement Calls for broad participation in decisionmaking and positively assesses the US presence
al-Hurriyah al-Ula
[First Freedom]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Muhammad Jasim Hamzah *
al-Iqtisadi al-Jadid
[The New Economist]
Weekly Arabic Chairman/editor: Muhammad Ja'far Dawud Economic magazine issued by al-Muthana Publishing Group*
al-Iraq al-Jadid
[New Iraq]
Daily Arabic Editor: Abbas Kazim Mahdi "Published with the empowerment of the Iraqi national conscience"
al-Iraq al-Riyadi
[Iraqi Sports]
Weekly Arabic Sports Paper
al-Iraq al-Yawm
[Iraq Today]
Arabic Editor: Isra Shakir Issued by "a group of Iraqi journalists"*
[The Iraqi]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Hamid al-Mukhtar Islamic Cultural Forum *
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Mudar Ghassan Shakat; editor: Kudayyir Miri Issued on Saturdays
[The Union]
Thrice weekly Arabic Publisher: Kamal Fu'ad; editor: Adil Murad Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Published three times weekly in Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah. Said to be printing 30,000 copies in Baghdad
al-Ittihad al-Riyadi
[Sports Union]
al-Ittijah al-Akhar
[The Other Direction]
Weekly Arabic Chairman/editor: Mish'an al-Juburi Nationalist newspaper issued by the al-Ittijah al-Akhar printing and publication establishment in The Hague. Chairman/editor Juburi is head of al-Watan party*
[The Masses]
Weekly Arabic Publisher: Ali al-Hamdani; editor: Abd-al-Rahman al-Isawi Iraqi National Congress *
Jammawar Weekly Kurdish
[The Newspaper]
Daily/thrice weekly Arabic Chairman: Abdallah al-Nasrawi; editor: Prof Qays al-Azzawi Arab Socialists Issued on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
[The Peninsula]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Zaydan Khalaf al- Awwad; editor: Mahmud Awwad Hammadi *
Kaldu Ashur Arabic The supplement of Regay Kurdistan, for Assyrians
Arabic Iraqi Information network Magazine
Khabat Weekly Kurdish Islamic Unity Movement Circulates in the north and, more recently, in Baghdad
Komal Fortnightly Kurdish Islamic Group of Iraqi Kurdistan
Kul Jadid
[Everything New]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Ahmad al-Mani'i New Iraq Renaissance Movement
Kurdistan Nuwe Daily Kurdish Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)
Liberator English Published in the US
[The Banner]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Rafid Salman Muhsin; editor: Nazim al-Sa'ud "Speaks for the Iraqi people"*
[The Orbit]
Weekly Arabic Chairman/editor: Isam Mikha'il Issued by al-Madar House for Publishing and Distribution. *
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Khamis Ahmad; editor: Iyad al-Hamdani Royal Constitutional Movement
[The Playgrounds]
[The Lighthouse]
Daily Arabic Chairman/editor: Muhammad Hamid First established 1945*
Arabic Children's magazine
Arabic It is issued by "a group of Iraqi journalists". *
Arabic Publisher: Iyad al-Hamdani; managing editor: Chakir Khalil al-Ali Iraqi National Congress
Mujtama al-A'mal al-Iraqi
[The Iraqi Business Community]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Raghib Rida Bulaybil; editor: As'ad al-Aquli Iraqi Businessmen's Association "Professional, economic weekly magazine"*
[The Forum]
Daily/twice weekly Arabic Chairman: Karim al-Khafaji; editor: Abbas Khalil Currently issued twice weekly
[The Independent]
Weekly Arabic Managing editor: Mu'ayyad al-Samsam Says it is a "free forum for the sincere national writers" and "not linked to any political party"*
[The Congress]
Weekly Arabic Oqail al-Ta'i Iraqi National Congress (INC)
Weekly Arabic, English Ra'id Jasim al-Izzawi Iraqi Students*
[The News]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Hadi al-Ziyadi; publisher: Khalil al-Atwani Issued by "a group of Iraqi journalists". Aims to report "without ambiguity or bias". Editorial on 15 May 2003 called for US-led forces to leave Iraq
Nabdh al-Shari
[Street Pulse]
[The Day]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Karim Kazim al-Khafaji; editor: Abbas Khalil *
[The Renaissance]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Fadil Kamil al-Daraji Edited by "free, independent writers"*
[The Renaissance]
Daily/twice weekly Arabic Chairman: Adnan Pachachi Association of Independent Democrats "Daily political newspaper issued temporarily twice a week."*
[The Two Rivers]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Muntasir al-Imarah; deputy: Samir Muhsin Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) *
[The People]
Arabic Publisher/editor: Sa'di al-Khalidi *
[The Scarecrow]
Weekly Arabic Publisher: Jalil al-Basri "Satirical, critical, and comical"*
[Morning Birds]
Nida al-Mustaqbal
[Call of the Future ]
Daily Arabic Publisher: Muhammad Khurshid Iraqi National Accord Movement (INAM)
Nidaa Arrafidain
[Call of the Two Rivers]
Arabic Bayan Jabr
[The Light]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Salim Ahmad Ibrahim Political weekly, currently issued fortnightly. Not to be confused with paper of the same name issued by the Islamic Cultural Centre in Baghdad. *
[The Light]
Weekly Arabic Islamic Cultural Centre, Baghdad Supports Grand Ayatollah Sistani and says Shi'a religious authorities are the legitimate representatives of the Iraqi people
al-Olympi al-Iraqi
[Olympic Iraqi]
Weekly Arabic Sports magazine
Oyoon al-Fan
[Artistic Masterpieces]
Weekly Arabic Dr. Hussain Ali Harif
[The Flag]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Abdallah al-Lami New Iraq Charitable Society Nationalist*
Weekly Arabic Editor: Ahmad Khalid al-Ghayyad *
Qardashliq Yedu Fortnightly Turkoman, Kuurdish, Arabic Turkoman Brotherhood Party
[The Observer]
Weekly Arabic Publisher: Abd-al-Wahhab al-Samarra'I; chairman: Ziyad al-Zubaydi Issued every Saturday*
[The Monitor]
Daily Arabic Currently issued Saturday and Tuesday*
[The Pavement]
Daily Arabic Publisher: Husayn al-Ayas One-man newspaper handwritten by Husayn al-Ayash, an unemployed Iraqi electrician, on sheets of cardboard and displayed on the pavement in Sa'dun Street, Baghdad*
al-Ra'y al-'Amm
[Public Opinion]
Daily Arabic Chairman: Muhammad Jasim Hamzah; editor: Wasal Amir Musi *
Regay Kurdistan Weekly Kurdish Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan
[The open space]
Arabic Chairman: Dr Nabil al-Janabi; editor: Mahmud al-Hashimi Democratic Royal Coalition Named after the palace where republican officers killed the last king of Iraq, Faysal II, and other members of the royal family on 14 July 1958*
[The Message]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Dr Fadil al-Shuwayli; managing editor: Dr Shanshul al-Sulaymawi Political, cultural and religious issues. *
al-Riyadi al-Jadid Arabic
[The Hour]
Twice weekly Arabic Iraqi Unified National Movement (?) Seems to be connected to Sunni cleric Ahmad al-Kubaysi, but an internal rift led to the publication of two separate editions on 14 June 2003 - one pro-Kubaysi, one anti-Kubaysi*
al-Sabah Morning] Daily/twice weekly Arabic Ismail al-Zair Coalition Provisional Authority (Iraqi Information Network) Launched on 17 May 2003; published every Tuesday and Saturday
[The Echo]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Dr Sadiq Abbadi; editor: Qasim al-Maliki
Sada al-Hal
[Echo of the Solution]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Hasan Salih Hasan Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party *
Sada al-Sadr
[Echo of al-Sadr]
Sada al-Ummah
[Echo of the Nation]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Razzaq al-Nuri Supreme Council for the Liberation of Iraq *
Sadr al-Iraq Weekly Arabic Chairman: Karim Amir Unayz; editor: Amir Hamid Its title refers to two prominent Iraqi Shi'a clergymen, Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and Muhammad Sadiq al- Sadr*
[The Ambassador]
Weekly Arabic Publisher/editor: Dr. Raad Jasim Shi'ite
Weekly Arabic Editor: Taha Hamid al-Shibibi Fraternity and Peace Movement
Samir Arabic Magazine for children
Sawt al-Jumaa
[Friday Voice]
Sawt al-Talabah
[Voice of the Students]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Mustafa al-Hayim New Iraq Youth and Students Organisation Currently issued fortnightly by Iraqi students*
Sawt al-Tali'ah
[Voice of the Vanguards]
Weekly Arabic Supervisor: Yahya al-Najjar Islamic Vanguards Organisation Issued every Sunday*
[The Martyr]
Arabic Hadi Al Modarissi Islamic Action Party Shi'ite
[The Witness]
Weekly Arabic Manager: Ali Husayn *
[The Sun]
Weekly Arabic Chairman/editor: Karim Masht al-Musawi Shi'ite*
al-Sharia Weekly Arabic Saad Ibrahim Islamic
Shihab al-Tamimi Weekly Arabic
[The Sail]
Weekly Arabic Proprietors: Abd-al-Wahhab Hantush and Ra'id Talib Hasan; editor: Abd-al-Husayn Buraysim *
al-Shira al-Siyasi
[The Political Sail]
Twice weekly Arabic Chairman/editor: Dr Sattar Ghanim Every Tuesday and Thursday. *
Arabic Magazine
[The Torch]
al-Siyasah al-Yawm
[Politics Today]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Ghanim al-Fatlawi; editor: Jabbar al-Fartusi *
Spotlight Arabic Chairman: Abd-al-Razzaq al-Ubaydi; editor: Fayan al-Khalidi Its title appears in English with a small Arabic translation beneath, but the paper itself is in Arabic*
Sumer Daily Arabic Editor: Hasan al-Alawi Coalition Provisional Authority Published in Kuwait*
Daily Kuurdish, Arabic Falakeddin Kaka'ie Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Editor is a member of the Kurdistan parliament. Paper says it will be "democratic" and represent different political and ethnic groups. Claims a circulation of 20,000 in Baghdad
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Mazhar Muhammad Abd; editor: Faris al- Katib Reconciliation and Peace Party *
[The Grouping]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Dr Zuhayr Abd-al-Amir Hammudi; editor: Hammudi Azab Iraqi Popular Grouping
Tariq ash-Sha'ab
[The Way of the People]
Monthly Arabic Iraqi Communist Party Previously available only in the north, it is now also sold in Baghdad.
[The Current or Trend]
Arabic Chairman: Aziz al-Yasiri; editor: Muhammad al-Askari Founded in London in 1982*
al-Thiqalayn Weekly Arabic Editor: Basim al-Shaykh Religious weekly. Title is ann Islamic religious term meaning the two worlds of genies and men *
Turkomaneli Fortnightly Turkoman, Arabic Turkoman Brotherhood Party
Umm al-Rabi'ayn
[Mother of the two springs]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Alman Muhammad Ali; editor: Ghanim Isma'il Its title is one of the older Arabic names for Mosul*
Wadi al-Rafidayn
Weekly Arabic Proprietor: Sakfan al-Barwari; editor: Dulufan Muhammad Salih *
al-Wahda al-Watania
[National Unity]
[The Centre]
Weekly Arabic Publisher: Ali al-Sayyid Yusha; editor: Riyad Muhammad al-Isma'ili Unified National Coalition *
[The Homeland]
Weekly Arabic Chairman: Hatim Mawlud Mukhlis; editor: Hatif al-Thalj Iraqi National Movement
al-Watan al-Iraqiyah
[The Iraqi Homeland]
Arabic Editor: Abd-al-Razzaq Abd-al-Wahhab Husayn Iraqi National Unity Coalition Published in Maysan*
[The Awakening]
Daily Arabic Founder/editor: Muhan al-Zahir *
al-Yawm al-Akhar
[The Other Day]
Weekly Arabic Editor: Faris al-Katib
al-Zahra Arabic
al-Zawra Weekly Arabic Editor: Shihab al-Tamimi Iraqi Journalists Union Issued before in 1969. al-Zawra is one of several Arabic names for Baghdad; it is also the name of the first Iraqi paper published in Baghdad in 1869*