Iraq: Declaration of conferation

A confederation agreement between the Free Officers' Movement and the Assyrian National Congress, signed on 15 June, 2002.

Full text: original was signed in English and Arabic versions. Source: ANC.


In accordance with the fundamentals of Iraqi patriotism and mutual desire to cooperate and struggle toward democracy and a better future for all Iraqis under the banner of "Iraq first... Iraq for all Iraqis" meetings and discussions were held between the leadership of the Iraqi Free Officers Movement (a political, civil, and military organization) and the Assyrian National Congress (a worldwide body consisting of Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party, Assyrian American Leadership Council and various political, social and civil organizations).

The outcome of these meetings was a mutual understanding and agreement between both sides on a political program for a future united and democratic Iraq. The IFOM and ANC pledge to cooperate jointly in all fields, including the mass media and political affairs. in order to expedite the down fall of Saddam's regime and the establishment of democracy. pluralism and parliamentary rule in Iraq, in which justice, equality and human rights are respected.

The IFOM and ANC call upon the Iraqi people, inside and outside Iraq, all Iraqi opposition groups and the world public opinion to fully cooperate and coordinate their programs and activities in a united front to truly reflect our hope for a new Iraq. This by grace of God.

Signatories on 15 June 2002:

Gen. Najib Al Salhi
Iraqi Free Officers Movement

Dr. Sargon Dadesho
Assyrian National Congress