General documents

Donald Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia
21 May 2017

Barack Obama at the UN General Assembly
25 September 2012

Barack Obama on the Middle East and North Africa
19 May 2011

Barack Obama on a new beginning
Speech by President Obama at Cairo University, 4 June 2009

Greater Middle East Partnership
Text of a "working paper" circulated by the United States in preparation for the G-8 summit scheduled for June 2004. The document is in three parts, discussing promoting of democracy and good governance, building a knowledge society and expanding economic opportunities.

Freedom in Iraq and the Middle East
Speech by President George W Bush, 6 November 2003.

'New World Order'
President George Bush's address to Congress,6 March 1991

Anglo-French Joint Statement on Aims in Syria and Mesopotamia- 8 Nov 1918

The Sykes-Picot Agreement - 1916

Letter from Sir Henry McMahon to Ali ibn Hussain - 1915

Arab League documents

Alexandria Protocol7 October, 1944

Charter of the Arab League22 March, 1945

Cultural Treaty1946

Arab League Declaration on the Invasion of Palestine15 May, 1948

Joint Defence and Economic Cooperation Treaty1950-52

Arab Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism22 April 1998

The Arab League Satellite Broadcasting Charter2008

Documents from Arab summits

Beirut, 27-28 March, 2002

The Arab Peace Initiative- full text

The Beirut Declaration- final communique from the summit (extracts).

Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia- text of speech

Yasser Arafat- text of speech delivered by video link

Amman, 27-28 March, 2001

Final statement- full text

Iraq and Kuwait- draft resolution rejected by Iraq

Cairo 21-22 October, 2000

President Hosni Mubarak- speech to the inaugural session

Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia- text of speech