Libya: documents

State and politics

Communique Number One
Broadcast by Colonel Qadhafi after taking power, 1 September 1969)

Text of constitution
11 December 1969

Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People
2 March 1977

Previous constitution (1951-69)
Text of the constitution that was in place before Qadhafi's takeover

The Green Book
Full text of Colonel Qadhafi's book of political theory

Escape to Hell
A short story by Colonel Qadhafi

The Great Green Charter of Human Rights
12 June 1988

Colonel Qadhafi: speech about Africa on Loyalty Day
1 October 1998

The uprising of 2011

A vision of a democratic Libya
Statement by Interim National Council, 29 March 2011

Draft Constitutional Charter
National Tranistional Council, August 2011 (full text, pdf)

UN Security Council resolution 1973
17 March, 2011

UN Security Council resolution 1970
26 February 2011

The Lockerbie bombing

The bombing and trial
A large collection of documents

UN Sanctions

UN Security Council resolution 731
21 Jan 1992

UN Security Council resolution 748
31 Mar 1992

UN Security Council Resolution 883
11 Nov 1993

UN Security Council resolution 1192
27 Aug 1998

Libya's Letter to the Lockerbie families
(June 1997)