Algerians show their discontent: images from the protests

Large-scale protests are continuing in Algeria against President Bouteflika. Now aged 81 and in poor health, he has been president since 1999 is seeking re-election for a fifth term in office (see previous blog post).

Today student demonstrations are being organised though there are reports of police blockades aimed at preventing them from marching.

Bouteflika, who suffered a stroke in 2013, uses a wheelchair and rarely appears in public, travelled to Switzerland on Sunday for what are described as routine medical checks.

The protests clearly have a lot of public support. They appear to be non-partisan, with a single demand: to deny Bouteflika a fifth term. 

Below is a selection of images showing banners and other campaign material posted on social media during the last few days. 

The number 5 – alluding to Bouteflika's fifth term – features prominently in the campaigning. Here's one popular example:

This crossed-out number 5 conveys a clear and simple message. The words say

Flag combines the Arabic word for

Demonstrators position themselves to spell out

The decline of Bouteflika, in five stages

Another reference to Bouteflika's failing health

Bouteflika as a dinosaur. Poster alluding to the film Jurassic Park

Notice posted on door:

Computer joke. The