Unification of Yemen: Agreement by Joint Yemeni Political Committee, 1990

Ta'izz, 5 May 1990

(Communiqué) As our Yemeni people rejoice in the revolutionary joy of achieving the great goal of unity and having attained the highest levels of noble, honourable and everlasting revolutionary struggle, the Political Organisation Committee held its fourth and concluding session in Ta'izz during the period 3rd-5th May 1990 under the chairmanship of YSPCC Assistant Secretary-General Salim Salih Muhammad. This crowns its earlier meetings with the completion of the tasks it was charged with.

In the meetings, national awareness was expressed of the need for renewing the necessary rules for political activity in the Yemeni Republic in a way that would consolidate free democratic practices, in accordance with the goals of the Yemeni revolution, for all sectors and levels of society. This would guarantee that the whole potential of national sacrifice would be harnessed to benefit the historic transformation process and to entrench and develop the gains that our people have achieved by their suffering and sacrifice throughout their struggle.

In a democratic atmosphere of unity, with a sincere spirit, and after serious and responsible discussion the committee completed its tasks. It was agreed to refer them to the political leadership for approval. They are the following:

  1. The draft of the basic elements of the law on political organisations and parties.

  2. The draft of the basic elements of the charter on political activity of political parties and organisations.

  3. Agreement concerning the document governing political and party action in security and military institutions.

  4. Draft agreement on joint action between the General People's Congress and the Yemeni Socialist Party. The leadership of the Congress and the Party will have to approve this agreement.

Agreement was also reached to form a committee for dialogue with political parties, organisations and public figures.

Therefore, the committee has completed its tasks, consolidating the necessary bases for political action in the Yemeni Republic and guaranteeing democratic, free and responsible practices.

Since inaugurating its activity in the period 31 October - 2 November 1989, the Political Organisation Committee has now concluded its meetings after the historic Aden meeting. Everything that was hoped for has been achieved and all aspirations have been met, constituting a great victory and the declaration of the birth of the great and towering Yemeni Republic.

Let the enemies of the Yemeni peoples and unity know that their desperate attempts to thwart the course of unity and development in the homeland will not be stronger than the will of our people who have managed to thwart all conspiracies at every stage of the victorious Yemeni revolution. The conspirators will never succeed. Glory to the Yemeni revolution, immortality to its martyrs, and victory to Yemeni unity.