Yemen's National Dialogue, 2013

In 2013, Yemen found itself at an historic juncture. Following the popular uprising that began in 2011 and culminated in the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh after more than 43 years in power, the country was attempting a difficult political transition.

A key part of this was the National Dialogue. The links below provide background information on this process.

National Dialogue Conference
Official website

Yemen’s final stretch
Danya Greenfield, Foreign Policy, 24 October 24, 2013

Yemen, Between State and Non-State
Aidarous Nasr al-Nakib. Translated from al-Tagheer (Yemen), 22 October 2013

Reconciliation and federalism: Yemen's National Dialogue
Junaid Kamal Ahmad, Yemen Times, 17 October 2013

The Possibility of Social Inclusion: Yemen's National Dialogue
Junaid Kamal Ahmad, World Bank, 17 October 2013

Gauging 'success' in Yemen's National Dialogue: mission impossible?
Erwin van Veen, Open Democracy, 27 September

Yemen faces critical juncture, must continue political transition – UN envoy
UN News Centre, 27 September 2013

A day in Sanaa reveals the state of Yemen's national dialogue
Adam Baron, The National, 15 June 2013

Yemen’s national dialogue: Quite a novelty
A.B., The Economist, 29 May 2013

Secession for South Yemen would lead to catastrophe
Sama'a Al Hamdani. The National, 25 March 2013

Can Yemen talk its way to peace?
Farea al-Muslimi and Laura Kasinof. Foreign Policy, 22 March 2013

Yemen's National Dialogue
Collected analysis from the Project for Middle East Political Science, March, 2013

A lasting peace? Yemen's long journey to national reconciliation
Ibrahim Sharqieh, Brookings Doha Center, February 2013

Yemen has one more year to save itself from collapse
Gregory Johnsen, The National, 13 February 2013

Yemen's National DIalogue
US State Department press release, 7 February 2013

Yemen’s National Dialogue: Economic Reform Key to a Successful Democratic Transition
Matthew Godwin, CIPE Development Blog, 4 February 2013

Yemen: challenges for the future
A compilation of reports by Brian Whitaker from the London conference on Yemen, January 2013

National Dialogue in Yemen
Nasser Arrabyee, Carnegie Endowment, 1 November 2012

Yemen’s National Dialogue: will it succeed?
Helen Lackner, Open Democracy, 18 October 2012

Rebuilding Yemen: Roadmap for a National Dialogue
Chatham House, March 2012

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Key documents

UN welcomes National Dialogue
Security Council statement, 15 February 2013

Yemen transition agreement, 2011
Text of the agreement brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council. Unofficial translation from Arabic.

Statement by the Yemen Socialist Party
On National Dialogue and the southern issue, 29 April 2012

Statement by the Houthis
Ten conditions for entering the National Dialogue, October 2012