Abu Hamza and the Islamic Army


1. Supporters of Shariah: "Yemen communique No. 1" (11 October 1998)

2. Supporters of Shariah: "Yemen hostage communique No. 1" (30 December 1998)

3. Supporters of Shariah press release (20 January 1999)

4. Supporters of Shariah: extracts from newsletter (1998-1999)


Supporters of Shariah: extracts from newsletter

The following items referring to Yemen appeared in newsletters on the Supporters of Shariah website (new deleted).

January 1999: Supporters of Shariah's message to all readers

In the light of recent events that have taken place in Yemen and the comments that have been made by the British press on this matter and others, we feel it necessary to state our views, unadulterated by the press.

As Muslims, we should defend our Islamic principals such as JIHAD even though others hate it, even if it affects our individual interests. Hence, any State or group which attacks Muslims should be stopped, by removable if necessary. We should realise that there is no price which is too big to pay for this cause, even if it means giving up our lives for Allah (s.w.t), for everything we do is to seek His Pleasure. Muslims should understand that although we are living in Britain, it does not mean that we refrain from speaking the TRUTH.

We ask all non-Muslims to live with Islam, not to try and kill it, because it is here to stay. In this regard, we advice Britain and the United States of America to have a dialogue with Muslims, because it is clear that there is a conflict, which needs to be solved. The solutions that are being provided by the West are simply one-sided and can NEVER WORK, they only make the problem worse. As Muslims we demand to be treated as humans.

It is known that those of other religious denominations, for example Sikhs and Jews, have training facilities, which are based on religious principles. When Muslims have some training facilities organised for themselves, it suddenly becomes labelled as "terrorism", even though in this century no single religious group has been anywhere near as oppressed as the Muslims, with recent examples of Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. The media onslaught with films such as "The Siege" has also increased tension amongst the Muslims. In light of all this, it is only natural for our Muslim youth to feel worried and feel it necessary to prepare themselves for similar attacks in Britain.

November 1998: Yemeni Mujahids send a donkey to kill donkey officer

The Mujahideen of Yemen recently sent a booby-trapped donkey to execute an officer. The blast managed to kill the officer and also injured a soldier. The government claims they have caught someone in connection with the killing.

Comments: The government of Yemen has an obligation to teach their soldiers and officers the etiquette's of dealing with their equivalents, the animals of the Mujahideen, otherwise the animals will blow up in their faces. We doubt very much that they caught anyone, the Mujahideen's donkey was too clever for them. The Mujahideen of Yemen have shown they are very wise as the Prophet (saw) said, "Wisdom is from Yemen".

November 1998: Supporters of Shariah after American Marines

Our sources in Yemen have revealed that the American Marines have been invited to Aden, South Yemen, as part of the Yemeni government's policy to surrender to America, what is left of its power and country. They are coming on a specific secret operation to target "Muslim fundamentalists" in the region. The United Snakes of America ambassador, Mrs. Barbara is in charge of the operation. She is using her political might to neutralize the tribes of that area. Check points have already been set up in the area.

Comments: The United Snakes of America are expecting heavy resistance against their strategies to gain control of the peninsula in Yemen. This being due to the nature of the Yemeni tribes, their history as good fighters and the difficult terrain. We see this as a powerful detonator for Muslims to explode in the faces of the Snakes of America. This will hopefully trigger a domino effect in the Peninsula. As observers have seen the more frequent explosions in the land of Yemen in the last four months,especially in the crude oil pipeline which is the blood for the American vampires.

September 1998: Yemeni Mujahideen are warming up

The pipeline that supplies Aden with crude oil has been struck again by the Mujahideen as a part of their anti-Western campaign. The pipeline has been struck many times which has caused havoc for the Government. This is part of the campaign of the Muslim army of Abiyan who declared Jihad against the government. Supporters of Shariah received statement no. 5 from the army of Abiyan announcing and calling Muslim fighters to join their Jihad struggle and stop the invasion of the last state in the peninsular which is about to fall into the hands of the West.