Abu Hamza and the Islamic Army

The Abyan kidnap trial

1.The trial begins

2.The accused

3.Witnesses in thetrial: four Yemeni drivers

4.Witnesses in the trial: a soldier and a sheikh

5.Statements fromdefendants

The accused

Case No. 1 (1999), Zinjibar court.

Judge: Najib al-Qadiri

Charges: Premeditated murder of foreign tourists, banditry, resisting and obstructing the work of security authorities, carrying out bomb attacks with the aim of harming national security and harming Yemen's diplomatic, economic and security prestige.


  1. Zain al-Abdin Abu Bakr al-Mihdar ("Abu al-Hassan"), aged 28

  2. Ahmad Muhammad Ali Atif, aged 26

  3. Ali Awad Ba-Rasayn

  4. Sa'id al-Fayadhi al-Malqab ("Abu Nasser al-Awlaqi")

  5. Abdullah Muhsin Salih al-Junaidi ("Abu Hadhifa")

  6. Ali Ahmad Haydarah

  7. Rusan Muhammad Salih

  8. Jalal al-Khudr

  9. Muhammad Ali al-Humar

  10. Salim al-Fayadhi al-Malqab ("Abu Abdullah")

  11. Hussein Muhammad Salih ("Abu Huraira") - Tunisian

  12. Abu Ubayd

  13. Salim al-Badawi

  14. Sa'ad Muhammad Ali Atif, aged 19

Defendants 1, 2 and 14 were arrested on December 29. Defendants 5 and 11 were arrested on January 27. Defendants 4 and 10 gave themselves up on February 6. The remainder (shown in light type) are still at large.

Ahmad Ha'il Uthman (prosecutor-general for Abyan province);
Ali Sa'id Mahyub (deputy prosecutor-general).

Defence lawyers:
Mahmoud Nasser and Muhammad Said Thabit (for No.1);
Muhammad Nasser Awlaqi (for 2 and 14).