A Middle East bookshelf

This is a work in progress – an attempt to compile a list of 10 books that would give a good general introduction to the Middle East for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Listed below are suggestions sent in by readers. Further suggestions are welcome.

For more about the project, see al-bab's blog.

From Gabriel Miland: 

Eugene Rogan's The Arabs - for its up-to-dateness, its accessible style – but most of all for its insights into Middle Eastern perceptions of the west.

From George Weyman:

How's about Hisham Sharabi's Neopatriarchy? A bit academic, and not fresh off the press - but nevertheless a devastating critique of the structure of power in Arab countries.

From Benjamin Geer:

For a basic introductory history of the region, I like William Cleveland's A History of the Modern Middle East, which often appears on undergraduate syllabuses in Middle East Studies.

For fiction that provides insight into contemporary society in Egypt, I'd recommend Sonallah Ibrahim's novel Zaat; the English translation is published by AUC Press. It portrays social changes during the past few decades through the eyes of a fairly typical middle-class Egyptian family, and also contains an amazing selection of very telling newspaper headlines.

From Elias Muhanna:

Hmmmm.... off the top of my head:

Eugene Rogan's new book "The Arabs" is very readable, and covers the last 500 years. Angry Arab didn't like it much, but I thought it was as good a place as any for a new reader to get their feet wet.

Fisk's "Pity the Nation" is also excellent, on the Lebanese civil war.

I've heard good things about Reza Aslan's "No God but God", which is on Islam, not the Middle East. 

Loved Aaron David Miller's "The Much Too Promised Land"

David Fromkin's "A Peace to End all Peace" is superb, but can be a bit daunting for newbies

Enjoyed your own "What's Really Wrong...", for a different perspective on the real problems facing the region

Loved Gershom Gorenberg's "End of Days" 

For a wonderful introduction to classical Arabic literature, it's hard to top Robert Irwin's "Night, Horses, and the Desert"

I'll send more as I think of them...

From Daryl Barker:

Thesiger ... Arabian Sands

From David Wearing

Perilous Power by Chomsky & Achcar would be my suggestion for an accessible, introductory overview of the modern Middle East. The dialogue format is very engaging, and obviously they both have huge reserves of knowledge and analytical expertise to draw on.

On Israel-Palestine I'd have to say Beyond Chutzpah - the controversies around Finkelstein shouldn't detract from the quality of his work, which is very high indeed. What makes this book vital reading (especially as an introduction) is that it sweeps away the obfuscation that apologists for the Israeli occupation have come to rely upon. Its very readable, densely researched and brilliantly argued. 

Karen Armstrong's Short History of Islam could cover that angle. I kind of feel it sometimes tries to do too much in too little space - empires rise and fall over a couple of paragraphs - but generally it does give a good comprehensive background. 

From Sakhr Al-Makhadhi

'Sabra Zoo' has got to be on there. The debut novel by British-Palestinian Mischa Hiller based on his experiences during the 1982 Israeli invasion. Part coming-of-age novel, part (extremely graphical) historical record.

And 'Beirut: I Love You' isn't bad as another very personal novel about the Lebanese capital, set in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War.

Juan Cole's blog also has a reading list here

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