Draft resolution on Kuwait and Iraq

Draft resolution on Kuwait and Iraq discussed at the Arab summit in Amman, 27-28 March, 2001 

[This was accepted by other members of the Arab League but rejected by Iraq and therefore not included in the final statement.]

In appreciation of the grave circumstances facing the Arab nation, and the regional and international challenges confronting it, and due to its concern to solve all the pending problems, particularly the situation between Iraq and Kuwait, and in order to avoid their repetition and to re-establish Arab solidarity, the Arab leaders have decided the following:

1) - Reaffirmation of the need to respect the Charter of the Arab League and its objectives and to preserve national Arab security, on the basis of the integrity and sovereignty of each country over its territory, its natural resources and its rights, non-interference and the non-use of force or threats and a commitment to solve disputes through peaceful means and negotiations.


a) - Reaffirmation of the independence and sovereignty of the State of Kuwait, the preservation of its security and territorial unity, within its internationally-recognised borders, non-interference in its internal affairs, the need for Iraq to respect these principles and to adopt policies capable of respecting them.

b) - Reaffirmation of the respect of the independence and sovereignty of Iraq. Calling to a halt all measures that undermine its sovereignty and threatens its security, particularly those taken outside UN Security Council Resolutions, namely military strikes.

c) - Calling on Iraq to implement all the commitments contained in the UN Security Council Resolutions to resolve the problem of the Kuwaiti prisoners and to restore Kuwaiti property.

d) - Putting an end to all the pending issues related to weapons of mass destruction and their control through negotiations between Iraq and the UN Security Council in order to complete a resolution on this issue in an equitable and rapid way, in order to set up a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.


a) - A call for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Iraq

b) - The taking of necessary steps to resume commercial flights with Iraq

c) - A call for cooperation to resolve the question of Iraqi missing persons with the assistance of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

  • Unofficial translation. Source: Agence France Presse