Iraqi National Coalition

A statement of principles by the Iraqi National Coalition. The document is undated but it was posted (in English) on the organisation's website on 12 January 2002


Iraq, the cradle of civilisation, and the land between two great rivers, Tigris and Euphrates, is ruled by a brutal and ruthless totalitarian regime. It is in fact the most violent and oppressive regime in the history of mankind, which virtually has no respect or consideration to basic human rights. Furthermore, the Iraqi regime committed war crimes and barbaric crimes against humanity including genocide against its own people.

Iraqi regime waged a savage internal war against the Kurdish Liberation Movement, and a devastating war of aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran. It invaded and annexed Kuwait, a sovereign, independent country and a member state of the United Nations. More than one million Iraqis were killed, the country’s economy crippled and the hopes of millions of Iraqi people shattered. Saddam’s decision to invade Iran and annexe Kuwait was a personal miscalculation based on ambition and a sense of adventure.

Saddam Hussein, the nightmare of every Iraqi, has defied the International Community and violated all United Nations ceasefire resolutions including (687) and (688) of 1991. These resolutions demanded the immediate cessation of Saddam’s regime terrorist activities and internal repression as a necessary means to establish regional peace and security.

The Iraqi regime has systematically destroyed Iraq’s civil society, upon which the very Iraqi nationhood is based. It targeted particular national, ethnic, cultural and religious groups, in order to divide the Iraqi people, and eliminate the natural cohesion of family life and faith.

The indiscriminate mass killing and executions of thousands of Iraqi Kurds, particularly during the infamous al-Anfal campaign, the disappearance of thousands of members of the Barazani tribe, the fate of whom remains unknown to this present day, the destruction of thousands of villages, the assassinations, and poisoning of their national and political leaders and the chemical attack on Halabja and other major towns in Iraqi Kurdistan which killed thousands of civilians are well documented. This poison attack was the largest scale chemical weapon attack against innocent civilian population in modern history. Thousands of Faily Kurds have endured similar persecutions, and were forced into exile. These atrocities clearly indicate that the actions of the Iraqi regime against the Kurds are tantamount to an official policy of genocide.

In addition the Iraqi Turkomans and the Assyrian Christians, were subjected to atrocious treatment and suffered greatly from the regime’s chauvinist policy of Arabisation and oppression. They have been deprived of their basic human and cultural rights, denied and stripped of their citizenship, robbed of their property, murdered, assassinated, demographically displaced and driven in thousands into exile. Many ancient Assyrian Christian churches and monasteries have been demolished. Christian villages and cemeteries have been razed to the ground and the land, thereafter, was deliberately converted into army barracks.

In the South, military attacks against civilian population, are a daily routine practice, and are continuing without interruption, in a very alarming way, and in the most gravest nature. The Iraqi Arab tribes (al-Asha’er) of central Euphrates have been subjected to all sorts of persecutions, intimidations and harassments. Their leaders continuously threatened in order to give their allegiance to the regime.

The draining of Marshes of the Southern Marshland, through Saddam’s canal known as the "Third River," or "The Leader’s River," has systematically destroyed natural farmland, causing environmental disaster, and devastation to health, wealth and culture of the ancient Marsh Arabs. Thus, a way of life that has lasted for thousand of years has disappeared and hundreds of unique settlements, which have remained, probably, unchanged since the Biblical times, have been destroyed.

The majority Shi’ite population have seen their prominent clergy and religious scholars placed under severe restrictions, arrested, tortured, brutally killed and assassinated. Their famous sacred shrines and ancient religious schools, places of study, worship and burial destroyed and blasphemed. Following the defeat of the Iraqi popular uprising in the south, thousands of Shi’ite were savagely slaughtered and barbarously massacred. Over 450,000 Iraqi Shi’ite have been denied their national rights. Their properties confiscated and they were forced into exile.

Even closest friends and relatives of Saddam did not escape the wrath of his reign of terror, these includes high ranking members of the Ba’ath ruling party, top military officers, members of Sunni tribes, as well as members of Tikriti clan and his family members. There are currently, four million Iraqi refugees and asylum seekers outside Iraq, many of whom were tragically killed in their endeavour to reach a safe haven.

The Iraqi Kurds, eventually, managed, to effectively, establish regional governments in most of the traditionally Kurdish areas of Iraqi Kurdistan with many democratically elected assemblies and institutions, in order to serve all the people of the region including Assyrians and Turkomans, Christians and Muslims alike.

However, it is only the threat of the allied military retaliation that protects this liberated zone from renewed Iraqi regime’s attacks. We believe that such attacks will have devastating results to the Kurdish people. The Iraqi Kurdish population and their political leaders, are well aware, of these threats posed by Saddam and his vicious regime, to their very existence and to the progress that have been achieved over the past ten years.

To preserve its rule in the face of ever-growing opposition, the Iraqi regime has virtually, "legalised" all that is inhuman in Iraq.

It pursues a policy of brutal repression and physical liquidation and elimination of its opponents from all walks of life. Saddam’s ethnic, sectarian and national oppression, continuous suppression and arbitrary persecutions of the Iraqi people, are contributing to extreme regional instability. Saddam’s regime of terror has maintained the Equality Policy in oppression, suppression, persecution and destruction of the entire population without Discrimination.

We should like to draw attention to the fact that, the Iraqi intelligence agents and mercenaries are becoming increasingly active outside Iraq. The death threats, attempted assassinations, and the spreading of fear and terror among regime’s opponents and their families, are on the increase.

Leading members of the Iraqi National Coalition and other well-known members of the Iraqi opposition movement, have been the targets of such threats, and attack in various Arab and European countries. They are, therefore, under police protection.

These acts of international terrorism undertaken by the evil regime of Saddam Hussein against his opponents will only increase our determination to pursue our people’s noble goal to uproot this monstrous regime from our country for good.

The glorious March 1991 uprising remains the source of encouragement and inspiration for our Iraqi people to continue their resistance and just struggle against dictatorship and for freedom and democracy.

Definition of The Iraqi National Coalition:

In Mach 2000, prominent Iraqis inside Iraq and Iraqi exiles throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and the Arab world have agreed a framework for an umbrella organisation to co-ordinate the opposition against the present regime in Iraq with a united political front. This front is today known as The Iraqi National Coalition. This organisation is intended to co-ordinate its efforts with all Iraqi opponents to Saddam’s regime throughout the world within the framework of achieving a democratic Iraq.

The Coalition firmly believes that the commitment to human rights is a fundamental principle and a necessary requirement for achieving freedom, social justice, civil rights, virtues of tolerance and peaceful co-existence among the various national, ethnic, cultural and religious communities of our diverse, but united, Iraqi society.

The Coalition is open to all pro-democracy Iraqi nationals. It incorporates Iraqi Christians, Muslims, Kurds, Turkomans, Assyrians, as well as other Iraqi tribes, intellectuals, military figures, writers, academics and women’s groups, who are represented within the organisation by a democratically elected body based on the principle of universal suffrage and one member one vote.

The Coalition is not a substitute for political parties and groupingsalready established, but it is an attempt to maximise opposition efforts and effectiveness in support of our people’s just struggle to overthrow dictatorship and establish the rule of law within aConstitutional, Democratic, Pluralistic and a Federal Iraq, in which social and judicial justice and equality for all Iraqis, regardless of their national, ethnic, political and religious diversity, will be insured.

Our struggle is against one of the most vicious, cruel and evil regime in the history of mankind. Our overall objective is to overthrow this evil regime and promote democratic ideals and spirit of pluralism in Iraq, based on the concept of total respect of human rights for all Iraqis, regardless of their sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religious and political beliefs. The return of Iraq to its normal and respectful status among the community of nations is also one of the major objectives of the Coalition.

In the midst of the most gruesome and shocking conditions that our Iraqi people endure, and following a year of relentless work, the Coalition held its first National Conference in London, in March 2001. Present at the Conference were the Coalition’s founding members, as well as regional representative from Iraq, Middle East, Europe, the United States of America and Canada. Many prominent independent Iraqis and leading members of other Iraqi opposition groups, attended the conference as observers,

Following three days of intensive discussions and political debates, the conference went on to endorse unanimously the amended draft constitution, reports and documents. A final communiqué and a number of resolutions were also adopted, in which the delegates reaffirmed that the people of Iraq are the Coalition’s prime concern, and that a prompt action is needed, to protect them from their endless tragedy.

They further reaffirmed the peaceful transition of power, political pluralism and the separation of powers, military, in particular, from the future political establishment. The final communiqué also confirmed the necessity of having an effective judiciary system, civil liberties, religious freedoms, freedom of expression, the rights of Iraqi women and the legitimate national, political, religious, cultural and administrative rights of Turkomans and Assyrians. The delegates considered these as essential pillars of a future democratic, representative and unified Iraq.

The Iraqi National Coalition reaffirms, that the only acceptable political solution to the Kurdish question is Federalism as the most effective system of government, to bring about a lasting peace, harmony and tranquillity to all Iraqi people.

Finally, the Iraqi National Coalition Leadership was elected democratically, for a period of four years, to embark on the following Programme of Action:

1. A joint military command structure, to co-ordinate military operations against the regime which is to be led by, Iraqi military officers inside and outside Iraq, most of whom are well known within the Iraqi Armed Forces, as well as representatives of paramilitary and resistance forces currently operating within the country.

2. Establish, through radio, satellite television and newspapers, a direct link with the people of Iraq, to ensure that the propaganda machine of the regime is counter-balanced by clear, concise and thorough analyses of Iraq’s relations with the rest of the world. To also present to the people of Iraq a democratic alternative to the current regime, with precise policies to rescue the country from economic, social and political disintegration.

3. Establish through the Internet, a direct link with the people of the world to enable a clear presentation of our national cause. This will enable us to make a precise distinction between the Iraqi people and the Iraqi regime, often missing in media reports about Iraq.

4. Establish a research and legal body to prepare an indictment of Saddam Hussein and his evil clique, for war crimes and crimes committed against humanity, including rape, torture, ethnic cleansing, and the use of weapon of mass destruction against the neighbours and his own people, in order to be presented before the International War Crimes Tribunal at Hague or elsewhere. Our efforts in this field will further enhance the work of other similar and well-respected organisations, such as the INDICT.

The Iraqi National Coalition’s relations with other Iraqi opposition groups:

Iraq is a multi-national, ethnic, cultural and religious society. We strongly believe in political pluralism in achieving our aims and objectives. The Coalition recognises the right of any Iraqi to join or participate in any non-violent, political organisation. The Coalition strongly believes that individuals and groups have the right to establish their own political parties and to compete with each other democratically. The Iraqi opposition is a spectrum of political opinions and beliefs.

There is no question that the Iraqi opposition differ in its approach to the ways and means of its struggle to achieve its long awaited objective.

In spite of many differences, it is worth noting, that since the establishment of our organisation, we have maintained a mutual, friendly and healthy relationship with the majority of Iraqi groups of diverse political views and opinions, driven by a common desire to seek and create United Opposition against Saddam’s regime.

The Iraqi National Coalition strongly rejects the claims that the Iraqi opposition is an ethnic, sectarian, religious and tribal rivalry. We strongly believe that such claims are the Iraqi regime’s propaganda intended to weaken the will power of the Iraqi people and to discourage regional Arab and Islamic states and the Western countries from providing the Iraqi opposition with the essential means and necessary support, in order to topple the dictatorship in Iraq.

The Coalition recognises that a divided opposition has only strengthened the grip of Saddam Hussein over the people of Iraq. The Coalition firmly believes, that even as significant differences persist in its priorities for the long-term struggle against Saddam’ regime, it is of the utmost importance that there is trust, respect and mutual understanding amongst the Iraqi opposition groups.

In this critical time and increased tension between the USA and Iraq, over the United Nations Weapon Inspectors and the unforeseen emergencies, it is extremely important for the Iraqi opposition movement to put the interest of our beloved country, Iraq, above party politics. It must now start re-examining its priorities and interests and resolve its divisions and disputes, in order to co-ordinate its political activities toward a greater level of unity and for the creation of a Unified Iraqi Front. This would enhance the existing endeavours directed towards toppling the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein, in order to bring about the early liberation of Iraq and the restoration of the country’s sovereignty and our people’s dignity. The opposition’s sense of unity, however tentative, may well be tested in the coming months or weeks.

The Iraqi National Coalition, therefore, appeals to all opponents of Saddam’s regime, to put the long-standing political disputes and differences aside, as we firmly believe that those differences seem less urgent and perceptive now. Let us discuss and determine the terms of our future co-ordination, co-operation and mobilisation of our efforts and operations inside Iraq, to dispose of Saddam’s evil regime. We urge the world community to help rid our country of the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Iraqi National Coalition is determined to continue and intensify the just struggle of our people, side-by-side and shoulder to shoulder with other Iraqi opposition groups in partnership with the Iraqi Army to overthrow and uproot this barbaric and most hated regime, and to establish the rule of law within a democratic alternative, which grants our people their human rights and their dignity. By doing so, the peace and stability in the region will be preserved .

Let us together make the New Year a year of mutual reconciliation in order to achieve fundamental political changes in our homeland. Changes that require our sustained commitment and vigorous efforts to uphold the spirit of co-existence and the democratic ideals in a new peaceful Iraq.

The Iraqi National Coalition’s position on U.N. Security Council’s sanctions against Iraq:

Saddam’s regime claims that more than a million Iraqis have died because of the sanctions. The Coalition wishes to shade some light on this rather important subject.

Sanctions were imposed on Iraq in the wake of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1990 in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution (661). In April 1991 resolution (687) was passed, setting out the conditions for lifting those sanctions.

Due to the regime’s non-compliance with the UN resolutions, the sanctions were not lifted. Millions of our Iraqi people continued to suffer, while, Saddam and his clique continued to prosper. This is in addition to more than a million Iraqis who have been killed in Saddam’s wars of aggression, executed in prisons cleansing or massacred during the uprising and the genocide campaign against the Kurds, Shiite, Marsh Arabs Turkomans and Assyrians.

The United Nations urged the Iraqi regime to make arrangements to sell oil in return for food, medical and other humanitarian equipment. For more than five years the Iraqi regime refused the offer, and insisted on its infamous policies of "Defy and comply," and "cheat and retreat," while the people of Iraq continued to suffer.

Under the terms of the 1995 UN SCR (986), oil-for-food programme, the Iraqi regime is required to provide a food ration for the Iraqi population. The Iraqi brutal regime deliberately diverts supplies from the south to limit the Shiite population’s access to food, medicine and drinking water. According to the U.N. Special Rapporteur, thousands of people from the south province were denied rations that should have been supplied under the oil-for-food programme.

Access for food is used to reward the regime’s supporters and starve and silence its opponents. According to many reliable UN sources, the Iraqi regime is known to have been selling oil illegally, and is actually exporting food, even though the Iraqi people are malnourished. Baby milk sold to Iraq through the oil-for-food programme, essential foods, including rice and dates and millions of Dollars worth of medicines and medical supplies and equipment meant for the needy Iraqis, have been found in markets throughout the Gulf, African and Asian countries.

This, surely, demonstrates that the Iraqi regime is once again, deliberately depriving the Iraqis of much needed food and medicines in order to make illicit profit.

We firmly believe, that the corrupt Iraqi regime deliberately failed to safe guard the interests and the well being of our people. Saddam’s main concern was, and still is, to build many more palaces, amusement parks, and vacation resorts, for himself, and his cronies, as well as the rebuilding of Internationally Banned, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Whilst the Coalition is opposed to the continued use of sanctions against Iraq, because of their devastating effect on the people of Iraq, it is fully appreciative of the political reasoning behind such sanctions, which aims to weaken the existing dictatorship.

It has become crystal clear that whilst the regime of Saddam remains in power, the people of Iraq continue to suffer. The Coalition regards the regime’s incompliance with the UN Security Council’s resolutions as a natural extension of the regime’s internal policy of repression and violation of basic human and democratic rights.

For years, the United Nations Human Rights Commission strongly condemned massive violations of gravest nature of human rights by Saddam’s regime. Human rights organisations as well as many governmental institutions have documented extensive abuses by the regime, against our people.

Mr Max Van der Stole, the former United Nations Human Rights Commission’s Special Investigator into human rights violations in Iraq, stated and warned in his recommendation to the Commission that "evidence against Saddam is mounting by the ton, supporting charges that he has committed crimes against humanity." He further stated, "in my view, this exceptionally grave situation demands an exceptional response, specifically, sending to Iraq a team of human rights monitors who would remain there until the human rights situation is drastically improved."

We, therefore, strongly appeal to the international community to honour its obligation and commitment and exercise its rights to implement U.N Security Council’s Resolutions (688) and (949), which demands that the Iraqi government immediately ends the repression of Iraqi civilians and give immediate access to the international humanitarian aid organisations so that they can reach those in need of assistance in all parts of Iraq and the prevention of the Iraqi Republican Guards and heavy military apparatus from threatening our Iraqi population in the North and South of the country, respectively.

Should the Iraqi regime fails once again to comply, then the UNSC must take appropriate measures to secure and ensure Iraqi regime’s compliance. This can be achieved, through shifting the afore-mentioned UNSC resolutions to chapter seven of the UN charter.

We strongly believe that Saddam’s regime of terror is ultimately responsible for the continuous suffering of our Iraqi people.

Iraqi National Coalition and the global mobilisation against terrorism:

The Iraqi National Coalition strongly condemns the barbaric and cowardly acts of terrorism on September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington, against innocent civilians. We are deeply saddened by the loss of so many innocent lives. It was a brutal and terrible act against humanity carried out in the name of religion. We would like to state that the atrocity of September 11, which was committed by a cult of terrorists, is a violation of Islamic law and its noble ethics. We extend our deepest condolences to the people of the United States of America, in general, and those who have either lost a family member or a friend, or are hurt physically or emotionally elsewhere.

The Iraqi National Coalition affirms that the fight against the evil of terrorism and the fight against those who perpetrate, support or assist such acts with sole purpose of killing innocent civilians and who undermine the safety and security of any human being regardless of their nationality, race, colour, age or religion, is a necessary and a just fight.

The Iraqi National Coalition firmly supports the International Community’s commitment for global alliance war against terror networks and for world peace and stability. We shall assist and support any national or international efforts to combat any form of evil caused by the forces of destruction, in order to maintain peace and security to all mankind.

The Iraqi National coalition supports the people of Afghanistan’s struggle for freedom and democracy. We would like to extend our profound appreciation to their new political leaders for the peaceful transition of power, and wish the people of Afghanistan, regardless of their ethnic, political and religious diversity, unity, lasting peace, a stable future and economic prosperity.

The Iraqi National Coalition strongly urges the United Nations to provide the people of Afghanistan with the most needed relief and humanitarian aid as well as the rebuilding, reconstruction and the development of Afghanistan. We would also like to urge the United Nations to keep its commitment, to play a vital role in encouraging and supporting the Afghanistan’s political leadership for the creation of a broad-based and multi ethnic government.

It is worth pointing out, that in order to lower regional tensions, wipe out terrorist networks, and maintain lasting peace and stability in our world, it is extremely vital, that such constructive measures should be implemented elsewhere, particularly, in Iraq where dictatorship and terrorism are prevailing.

Therefore, in order to stop and combat future acts of terrorism, and make the world a safer place, we simply and humbly suggest that the international community acts immediately to implement the following:

1. Halt the sale of arms, military technology and equipments to all countries ruled by dictatorship, oppressive and primitive regimes.

2. Increase collaboration through confidence, building relationship between all nations regardless of their nationality, culture, race and religion.

3. International Intelligence Coalition is highly recommended for establishing and maintaining, a network of mutual, up-to-date information exchange, through human intelligence co-operation and co-ordination.

4. Universal promotion of democratic ideals and spirit of ecumenical pluralism, and the international mobilisation, against totalitarian, oppressive and brutal regimes in support of peace and the rule of law.

5. Support morally and assist, financially, the oppressed and deprived people of all nations and, in particular, people of the developing countries in order to create opportunities for employment, education, health and social services. Thus, enabling them to live in peace, security and prosperity.

6. Promoting dialogue, tolerance, mutual understanding and co-existence among all the major world religions under the auspices of the United Nations.

7. Global fighting against international crimes, illegal arms selling, drugs trafficking, human smuggling and money laundering.

8. Wealthy countries to increase their food, medical, educational and humanitarian aid to countries stricken by war, famine, poverty and epidemics.

9. Safeguarding the interests and the well being of all national, indigenous, ethnic, cultural and religious minorities worldwide.

10. Preventing moral and financial support from reaching all radical and extremist religious schools and scholars, regardless of
their faith or religion, who are found to be teaching and preaching, hatred, enmity, revulsion, violence, intolerance and discrimination.

Iraqi National Coalition’s views on the USA’s next phase in the war on terrorism and the threats of new confrontation with Iraq.

In light of the tragic events of September 11, and the ever mounting evidences of the Iraqi regime’s involvement in those events, including the reports of meetings between the Iraqi intelligence agents and government officials with the September 11 terrorists, the Coalition strongly believes that the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein is connected directly, or indirectly, to these recent terrorist acts. We further believe that if such crimes are to be left unpunished, a terrible injustice will have been perpetrated upon the survivors of these crimes, along with their families. The suffering of the victims will not have been honoured and redeemed by the peace loving people of this world.

For years it has been an open secret among the world community, and a public knowledge for our people, that the Iraqi regime has supported terrorist network activities, both nationally and internationally. In the past Iraq harboured, trained and facilitated many radical and fundamentalist Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Our reliable sources inside Iraq confirm that terrorist groups, including extremists, radicals and fundamentalists from as far as Pakistan to North Africa, are receiving training on assassination, explosives making and planes hijacking, in special camps outside the capital city, Baghdad.

The Iraqi regime has been engaged in a dangerous, alarming, and comprehensive programme of producing weapons of mass destruction. In their testimonies, Several Iraqi defectors gave details of the precise locations of new Iraqi sites for producing and maintaining deadly chemical weapons such as Mustard gas, Tabun, Sarin, VX and biological agents, including, Anthrax, Botulinum, Ricin, Gas Gangrene, Wheat Smut and Aflatoxin. These lethal, poisonous and internationally banned chemical and germ agents, were tested on Iraqi political prisoners and war deserters and subsequently used against the Iraqi civilian population and the Iraqi neighbours, respectively.

Our dependable sources, can also confirm, that since UN Arms Inspectors had been expelled from Iraq three years ago, the Iraqi regime is known to have deviously tried very hard, with the help and assistance of several Western and Asian scientists, to rebuild and develop a sophisticated nuclear programme with objectives of producing arsenal of nuclear bombs and missiles designed to deliver the deadly warheads.

Saddam’s regime poses a serious and dangerous threat, not only to the Iraqi people, but also to the very peace and stability in the region and the world community at large.

It is quite clear that this danger cannot be eliminated as long as Saddam, and his savage regime, remain in power, and as long as the international community’s objective is simply the "CONTAINMENT" of this evil regime.

We are convinced, that the Iraqi regime will not comply with UNSC resolutions, and seriously believe that Saddam’s regime will seek to acquire and develop Weapons of Mass Destruction including Chemical and Biological Agents, which Saddam will not hesitate to use whenever or wherever possible.

Saddam’s regime is in breach of the international law and indeed of every article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Baghdad rulers are bunch of criminals and gang of outlaws. The Iraqi people must not continue to live with fear of punishment, reprisals, harassments and intimidation by the regime’s apparatus. It is therefore, the duty and responsibility of the International Community to take serious steps, and prompt action to stop Saddam’s regime from indiscriminately killing our Iraqi people and to put an end to its consistent threats and hostilities against Iraq’s neighbours. We believe, that the time has come to put an end to our people’s predicament.

Despite the fact, that the future of Iraq will be determined, to a large extent, by the Iraqi people and their political leaders, we still feel that the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the world community, respectively, have moral responsibilities towards helping the oppressed people of Iraq in their calamity.

It is worth mentioning, that in the past, the Iraqi people responded positively to Washington’s call for an uprising against the regime. The popular uprising of our people was savagely suppressed and brutally crushed, without America’s intervention. Therefore, the Iraqi people are weary and suspicious of the undeclared tasks and unclear forthcoming USA’s policy in Iraq.

We would like to put it bluntly and make it very clear, that if the government of the United States of America authentically believes that Saddam’s regime of terror cannot be trusted, and seriously accepts, that as long as it is in power, there will be no peace and stability in the region, this would mean that there is a clear intention, and serious consideration by the US administration and its allies for a comprehensive political change in Iraq. The Iraqi National Coalition, and in fact the Iraqi people in general, would welcome such American initiative, and would urge the USA to provide essential political, logistical, financial and indeed, military support, to assist the Iraqi people to overthrow Saddam’s regime and to establish the democratic alternative.

We strongly believe, that extremely aggressive steps are needed to root out Saddam’s terror in Iraq. If sincerely encouraged and adequately supported, the Iraqi Army in conjunction with the Iraqi opposition forces, will play a pivotal role in this endeavour, in order to put an end to our dilemma.

The Iraqi National Coalition and its vision for peace in Middle East:

The Iraqi National Coalition strongly believes that peace and stability in the Middle East cannot be achieved as long as there are corrupt, totalitarian and fundamentalist governments in the region.

In order to avert major civil unrests, conflicts, hostilities, and the threat of all-out catastrophic wars in the Middle East, the international community should immediately embark in addressing and resolving democratically and peacefully all issues concerning the plight of the national, ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities and to safeguard their interests within the spirit of pluralism.

We should also like to state that fanatics and extremist groups, regardless of their faith, which are operating in the Middle East, and oppose the peaceful co-existence and insist on their believes in the concept of "conflicts of civilisation" rather than "shared civilisation" should be excluded from playing any political role in the region’s future.

As for the Palestinians and Israelis, we believe that there is no immediate answer to their complicated political conflict. However we believe that there are possibilities of meeting each other at the level of political, cultural and religious understanding and the recognition of both people’s right to existence on equal basis rights and through a comprehensive dialogue, tolerance, democratic process. The serious involvement of the international community in the region could finally bring a just and lasting peace for all the parties concerned. We urge the international community to help improve the appalling living conditions of the Palestinians in the autonomous region.

The Iraqi National Coalition supports the Revival of Middle East Peace Process at both leadership and civil society organisations to create an atmosphere conductive to the resumption of meaningful and fruitful negotiations for a peaceful co-existence. We believe that the way forward can only be achieved through mutual recognition of pain and suffering of both sides.

Finally, in order to push towards permanent peace and real partnership in the region, the Iraqi National Coalition, appeals to the international community, to support the peace process and pay serious consideration for the creation of a Palestinian State, through a peaceful dialogue between both parties.