Turkman People Party

Founding statement of the Turkman People Party. This is an uncorrected copy of the undated document published in English on the party's website.


After Lausanne Agreement, Iraqi Turkish have been forgotten. They are suffered, whose struggle is pevented, tried to be exploited, and more importantly tried to be broken apart. Even if such policy seem to have become successful when viewed from out, we think that it is not fair.They are exposed to numerous constraints and attacks whenever they attempted to make their voices heard in the world. The dictatorial regime who captured the government in Iraq has increased their assimilation policies to wards the Turks living in Iraq and tried to erase and annihilate their assimilation plicies presence in the national scene.

Such questions as 'Is it a new Turkmen Movement in Iraq?' shall be asked. our supporters who spent efort in seversl social and political instintutions both in Iraq and in a broad, struggled for the case of the Iraqi Turks. However as they did not carry out a political movement and as they did stay in the Iraqi Territories where is the main area of stuggle is tocated our people could not gather around these institiutions.

Therefor we are compelled to found our party under the title ofTURKMEN PEOPLE'S PARTY. This does not indicate any separation in thought basis from our other instititions which already founded . We promise to support every enterprise and effort which whose policies to our case we believe are realistic and reasonable. Our relations with our such institutions shall be at a high level. We are determined to solve our disagreements with a democratic understanding.

We believe that our party is formed by an active group who foresee the future and who can produce the most favorable program in the future, having the support of a dedicated and believer base. Our administrative care and our base which we derive strenght from their presence, believes in real struggle. We do not want to pursue a passive policy. We believe that we shall succeed by a dedicated and believer group of people who shall dedicate them selves to our struggle. We promise to continue to our struggle to the extend or degree that it acquired its goals.

There are inherent conflicts between the Iraqi state, people, neighbours and those states who acquired superiority and sovereighty in the Middle east. Under such circunstances, our party believes that the best solution shall be by tne formation of a central government comprising to the democratic Iraqi Republic,in a negotiation table with their national, religious and political adversaries, by coming together and reaching to agreement in minimum similarities among the participants. There by they can accept and sing up on an governement which all of the said parties shall establish agreement. In doing so, I particvularly stress the requirement that verey issue should be negotiated under democratic terms and resolutions should be taken in an environment that is freed from such antidemocratic means as weapons or other forcible methods.

Our party is open to all of our citizens who believe in our struggle, because our party shall have a very poweful administrative cadre and dedicated base in our first ordinary congress.