Western Sahara


Western Sahara is a contested territory in north-west Africa. Formerly known as Spanish Sahara, it covers 266,000 sq km and is mainly desert, with a traditionally nomadic population. The land is rich in phosphates and is believed to have oil deposits off-shore.

1884: Area comes under Spanish rule

1934: Area becomes a Spanish province

1973: Polisario Front established as representative of the Sahrawi people

1975 (October): International Court of Justice rejects territorial claims by Morocco and Mauritania, recognises Saharawis' right to self-determination and Spain agrees to referendum

1975 (November): King Hassan II of Morocco orders a "Green March" into the territory. Spain agrees to end colonial rule and negotiates partition of the territory between Morocco and Mauritania ("Madrid Agreement")

1976: Polisario proclaims the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) announces a government.

1978: Mauritania signs peace deal with Polisario and renounces all territorial claims; Morocco moves to occupy areas previously allocated to Mauritania; guerilla war continues until 1991

1991 (April): UN establishes Minurso, the United Nations Mission for a Referendum in Western Sahara

1991 (September): UN-brokered ceasefire declared

1996: UN suspends preparations for referendum

2001: Following mediation between Morocco and the Polisario, former US secretary of state James Baker (acting under UN auspices) proposes a compromise solution known as the "Baker Plan" or the "Third Way"

2004: Baker resigns as UN envoy. Deadlock ensues

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