United Nations Security Council Resolution 924

1 June, 1994

THE SECURITY COUNCIL, having considered the situation in the Republic of Yemen, having regard to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, deeply concerned at the tragic death of innocent civilians, appreciating the efforts of the League of Arab States, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the neighbouring states, and other concerned States to contribute to a peaceful resolution of the conflict and to ensure peace and stability in the Republic of Yemen, considering that the continuance of the situation could endanger peace and security in the region,

1. CALLS for an immediate cease-fire;

2. URGES an immediate cessation of the supply of arms and other material which might contribute to the continuation of the conflict;

3. REMINDS all concerned that their political differences cannot be resolved through the use of force and URGES them to return immediately to negotiations which will permit a peaceful resolution of their differences and a restoration of peace and stability;

4. REQUESTS the Secretary-General to send a fact-finding mission to the area as soon as practicable to assess prospects for a renewed dialogue among all those concerned and for further efforts by them to resolve their differences;

5. REQUESTS the Secretary-General to report to it on the situation at an appropriate time, but not later than one week after the completion of the fact-finding mission;

6. DECIDES to remain actively seized of the matter.