Sanctions against Iraq


Iraq documents
Official documents relating to sanctions and other issues

Sanctions against Iraq
Up-to-date reports and documents relating to sanctions (Global Policy Forum)

Iraq sanctions 

Life and death in Iraq
Report attempting to gauge the effect of sanctions on Iraqi citizens, especially children ( Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11 May, 1999)

Rogue States  
Noam Chomsky: "The concept of 'rogue state' plays a pre-eminent role today in policy planning and analysis. The current Iraq crisis is only the latest example." (Z Magazine, April 1998)

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
Site includes many useful links

The UN Oil for Food Programme

UN Office of the Iraq Programme 
Detailed information about the oil for food programme

Oil-for-Food Programme 

Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nations Oil- for-Food Programme 
Reports and other documents

Oil-for-Food Facts 

Report on the Manipulation of the Oil-for-Food Programme 
by Paul Volcker, 27 October 2005

Gulf war compensation

UN Compensation Commission
This is the body set up to oversee compensation payments to victims of the invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

Gulf war reparations may take Iraq more than a century to pay
The Guardian, 16 June, 2000

Damage claims spiral into the realm of the futile
The Guardian, 1 August, 2000

A debt of dishonour  
A quarter of Iraqi oil and petroleum revenue goes not to food or medicine, but to compensation payments. By Alain Gresh (Le Monde Diplomatique, October 2000)