Saudi-Yemeni Memorandum of Understanding, 1995

Mecca, 26 February 1995

Article One: Both parties confirm their adherence to the legality and obligatory nature of the Treaty of Ta'if, signed on 6th Safar 1353 AH, corresponding to 30 May 1934 and its annexes — henceforth known as "the treaty";

Article Two: Within a period of not more than 30 days, a committee shall be formed in which both sides will be equally represented. The duties of the committee shall be to renew the border marks, according to the reports annexed to the treaty, whether or not they still exist or have vanished ... from the coastal point at Ras al-Mu'awaj ... [to] ... Jabal al-Thar ... using modern scientific methods for installing the marks (pillars): a specialised firm — chosen by both parties — shall be contracted to execute this task and will work under the supervision of the committee;

Article Three: The current committee formed by both parties will continue in its tasks by specifying as necessary procedures and moves that will lead to the demarcation of the rest of the boundary, beginning [in the west] at Jabal al-Thar until the end of the two countries [in the east]: these should include agreement on the method of arbitration in case of disagreement between the two countries;

Article Four: A joint committee will be formed to be in charge of designating maritime boundaries in accordance with international law, starting from the border point on the Red Sea coast mentioned above in Article Two;

Article Five: A joint high—level military committee consisting of representatives from both parties will be formed to ensure that no installations are emplaced along the borders of the two countries and also to ensure that no military movements take place along the border zone;

Article Six: A joint ministerial committee will be formed to develop economic, commercial and cultural relations between the two countries and to consolidate cooperation between them. This committee will begin its duties within 30 days of the signature of this memorandum;

Article Seven: A joint high committee will be nominated to ensure and facilitate the duties assigned to the above-mentioned committees and to remove any obstacles or difficulties which might arise during the course of their assignments;

Article Eight: Both countries confirm existing obligations whereby their territories will not be used as bases or centres of aggression against the other: nor will they be used for political, military or propaganda purposes against the other party;

Article Nine: In order to provide a suitable and friendly atmosphere in which negotiations might flourish, each party will be obliged not to carry out hostile activities against the other;

Article Ten: This note contains nothing that might amend al-Taif treaty and its annexes, including the border demarcation reports;

Article Eleven: The work of all of the committees mentioned above shall be recorded in minutes, to be signed by the nominated representatives of each side.