Unification of Yemen: Border agreement, 1988

Sana'a, 4 May 1988

Based on the determination of the leaderships of the two parts to facilitate movement and transport of citizens between the two parts, the following has been agreed upon:

  1. Elimination of all existing border posts on both sides and their replacement with joint posts of the two parts.

  2. Citizens are allowed to move and pass through the joint posts with their personal identity cards and no conditions will be imposed on them by the state bodies in the two parts.

  3. The Ministers of the Interior in the two parts are to supervise the drawing-up of practical steps to implement the above mentioned as soon as possible. [Northern version added: 'In a period of not more than two months.']

  4. The governments of the two parts should look for sources of finance, local or foreign, to establish the following roads between the two parts: Qa'tabah to Dali; Tawr al-Bahah to Mafalis; Mukayras to Bayda; and Bayhan to Harib.

(Signed) Dr Yasin Sa'id Nu'man, member of the Political Bureau and Prime Minister in the southern part of the homeland; and Abd al-Aziz Abd al-Ghani, Prime Minister, member of the permanent committee in the northern part of the homeland.