Unification of Yemen: The Tripoli Agreement

26-28 November, 1972

Article 1: The Arab people in Yemen will establish a single state called the Yemen republic.

Article 2: The Yemeni flag will have three colours: red, white and black.

Article 3: Sana'a is the capital.

Article 4: Islam is the state religion, and the Sharia is the main source of legislation.

Article 5: Arabic is the official language.

Article 6: The state will aim at the realisation of socialism of the Arab Islamic style … and social justice.

Article 7: Public property belongs to the people as the basis for the development of society.

Article 8: The organisation of the government in the Yemeni republic is national and democratic.

Article 9: There will come into existence a unified political organisation which will include all productive groups of citizens … to work against backwardness.

Article 10: The Constitution of the Yemeni Republic will lay down its limits.