Yemen roadmap for peace, October 2016

This draft agreement, aimed at ending the conflict in Yemen. was produced by the UN special envoy in October 2016. The unofficial translation below, by Rehab A, was posted by Fernando Carvajal on his website. The original Arabic document (see bottom of page) was posted by Nabil Ali Alsoufi on Facebook.

Text of document:

Below is the order and timeline for the (proposed) interim period in order to reach an inclusive and (comprehensive) agreement, which will represent the new foundation for conflict resolution in Yemen, and eventually (leading to parliamentary and presidential) elections in one year.

1. The UN Envoy (Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed) shall immediately begin talks (negotiations) with all parties to reach an initial agreement, which includes security and political arrangements in order to build trust and ensure all parties the agreement will be executed. The collaboration of these efforts shall produce a (comprehensive) agreement; the main topics to be agreed upon during negotiations shall include:

  • (Immediate) withdrawal from Sanaa, Taiz and Hodeida. Considering Sanaa as the focal point that will enable the formation of a new government.
  • After negotiations, the agreement shall name a (new) Vice President. The VP has to be accepted by all parties, and be able to deal with the responsibilities and challenges of the (interim) period.
  • Naming a new Prime Minister.
  • Local and international guarantees to secure the agreement.

2. The Quartet and the GCC shall pressure all parties to resume talks with the UN Envoy in order to reach a peaceful solution. These talks shall be held within the Gulf initiative (framework), NDC outcomes and all UN Security Council related resolutions including 2216. In support of efforts by the UN envoy, the Quartet and GCC States shall stress upon all parties to abide by and respect the conditions and provisions of the agreement on cessation of hostilities from 10th April 2016. Withdrawal by Houthi – Saleh forces from Saudi territories and (maintain) a buffer zone of 30km in order to prevent any future (clashes within) Saudi territories.

3. Following preliminary negotiations, supported by the UN and the Group of 18 embassies, parties shall meet again (within) a period no longer than a week to add the final details to the comprehensive agreement and sign it.

4. Upon signing, the UN shall announce the formation of a National Unity Government within 30 days, provided each party has fulfilled their obligations.

5. Upon signing, the current VP shall resign, and president Hadi shall appoint the (consensus) new VP (as per the agreement).

6. According to the hierarchy of the political and security points/steps negotiated and agreed upon, Houthi – Saleh forces shall begin the agreed withdrawals from Sanaa, surrender heavy and medium weapons, and the Yemen Government backed by the Coalition, shall implement the political points agreed upon earlier. Houthi-Saleh forces shall withdraw all missile launchers and hand them to a third party. (President) Hadi shall appoint members of Security Committees to oversee execution of the security arrangements (within a 30 day period beginning the day following the signing of the agreement).

7. When withdrawal from Sanaa is completed, the heavy, medium weapons (and ballistic missile launchers) are submitted, Hadi shall move all his authorities to the new VP. The VP shall appoint the new PM who shall take over responsibilities (within 30 days, following the signing of the agreement).

8. The prime minister shall appoint a new cabinet according to quotas (for the portfolios as agreed); [30% to women and 50% to South]. The PM shall receive his authority once the parliament / national commission agree on the proposed members of the government and their portfolios. (on the 31st day, or around it, following signing of the agreement)

9. After appointment of the new government in Sanaa, the international guarantors of the comprehensive agreement shall hold a conference to meet the urgent humanitarian needs, stability of the economy, and help in development and reconstruction.

10. The new unity government shall oversee delayed withdrawal from remaining areas, receive weapons from Taiz and Hodeida, which should had already started. (no later than the 45th day, or around it, after signing of the agreement)

11. The new government shall adopt a policy respecting the security of international borders, and safety of its territory, utilizing all the national resources to eradicate terrorist organizations operating within the borders of Yemen, and shall prevent the use of Yemeni territory to export weapons from third parties that aim to threaten international maritime security, or the security of Yemen’s neighbors.

12. With the assistance of the UN, the new unity government shall begin a new political dialogue to add the final details to the elections road map and the draft constitution, and develop the social justice program. (By the 60th day, or around it, after the signing of the agreement, once ministers perform the constitutional oath).

Arabic version:

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