Media: professional ethics

International codes of practice

ASEAN - 1989

Council of Arab Information Ministers - 1978

Federation of Arab Journalists - 1972

International Federation of Journalists - 1986

Islamic Media Conference - 1980

UNESCO - 1983

Arab codes

Algeria - 2000

Egypt - 1972

Egypt - 1983

Iraq - 1969

Lebanon - 1974

Morocco - 1995

Saudi Arabia - 1982

Tunisia - 1975

Other national codes

ARMENIA Yerevan Press Club, 1995

AUSTRALIA Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance

AUSTRIA Austrian Press Council, 1983


BELARUS Belarus Union of Journalists, 1995

BELGIUM Association of Newspaper Publishers, General Association of Professional Journalists, National Federation of the Information Newsletters, 1982

BULGARIA Union of Bulgarian Journalists, 1994

CROATIA Croatian Journalists' Association, 1993

CZECH REPUBLIC Syndicate of Journalists, 1999

DENMARK Danish parliament, with acceptance of the National Union of Journalists, 1992

FINLAND Union of Journalists, 1992

FRANCE National Syndicate of French Journalists, 1938

GERMANY German Press Council, 1997

GREECE Journalists' unions, 1988

HONG KONG Hong Kong Journalists' Association

HUNGARY National Association of Hungarian Journalists, 1994

ICELAND Icelandic Press Council, 1988

INDIA All India Newspaper Editors' Conference, 1968

INDONESIA Alliance of Independent Journalists, 1998

IRELAND National Union of Journalists, 1994

ITALY National Federation of the Italian Press, National Council Order of Journalists, 1993

LATVIA Latvian Union of Journalists, 1992

LITHUANIA Various organisations, 1996


MALTA Press Club and Institute of Broadcasters, 1991


NETHERLANDS International Federation of Journalists, 1986

NORWAY Norwegian Press Association, 1994

PAKISTAN General Assembly of the Committee of the Press, 1972

PHILIPPINES Philippine Press Institute and National Press Club


Code of ethics Association of Journalists of the Republic of Poland, 1991
Media ethic charter Various journalists' associations, publishing and broadcasting organisations, 1995

PORTUGAL Syndicate of Journalists, 1993

RUSSIA Congress of Russian Journalists, 1994

SERBIA Independent Journalists' Association, 1995


SLOVAKIA Slovak Syndicate of Journalists, 1990

SLOVENIA Journalists of the Republic Slovenia, 1993


Code for the journalistic profession Federaration of the Spanish Press, 1993
Principles of the Catalan journalism profession Catalan Journalists Association, 1992

SRI LANKA Sri Lanka Press Council, 1973

SWEDEN Co-operation Council of the Press, 1995

SWITZERLAND Swiss Federation of Journalists, 1994

TURKEY Press Council


Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice
National Union of Journalists Code of conduct
BBC Editorial Values
BBC Producers' Guidelines
BBC General election guidelines, 2001


The Journalist's Creed Walter Williams, University of Missouri
Society of Professional Journalists - 1996
Associated Press Managing Editors - 1995

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