Yemen's north-south war, 1994


The Document of Pledge and Accord
18 January, 1994 (full text)

Proclamation of the Democratic Republic of Yemen
Aden, 21 May 1994

United Nations Security Council Resolution 924
1 June, 1994

United Nations Security Council Resolution 931
29 June, 1994

Further information

Summary of the war

The outbreak of war
Chapter from The Birth of Modern Yemen, an e-book by Brian Whitaker documenting north-south unification in 1990, democratisation, the 1994 war and its aftermath.

Security incidents in Yemen 1990-94

Fragile union at mercy of outside forces
The Guardian, 7 April 1994

A politico-military analysis of why Sana'a won the war
by 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Saqqaf, publisher of the Yemen Times - Yemen Update 35 (1994: 12 -13)

Verdicts in post-war treason trial
23 March 1998

Human rights in Yemen during and after the 1994 war
Report by Human Rights Watch, 1 October 1994.

Contemporaneous news reports of the war

Fighting erupts across Yemen
The Guardian, 6-May-94

Yemen's rival armies turn on each other
The Guardian, 6-May-94

Five Scuds fired at Yemeni capital as war worsens
The Guardian, 7-May-94

Fierce battle erupts as south Yemen's troops swoop to cut off northern forces
The Guardian, 10-May-94

Northern Yemenis 'will attack Aden in two days'
The Guardian, 11-May-94

Yemen's north tightens grip
The Guardian, 15-Jun-94

North Yemen offensive goes on despite ceasefire pledge
The Guardian, 18-Jun-94

Leaders row as bombs hit Aden
The Guardian, 22-Jun-94

North Yemen tightens the noose on Aden
Middle East International, 24-Jun-94

South Yemen leader 'may be abroad'
The Guardian, 30-Jun-94

Rebel Yemeni state ready to fall
The Guardian, 6-Jul-94

Yemeni war ends as rebel leaders flee
The Guardian, 8-Jul-94

The South is beaten
Middle East International, 9-Jul-94

Yemen reunited by force
Middle East International, 22-Jul-94