The Guardian: articles about Yemen


Nadia's choice
April 01 2002

Polls apart
March 04 2002

In the name of Allah the Prince gets back on his horse
March 04 2002

AK-47 training held at London mosque
Observer, February 17 2002

Dead Yemeni related to US hijacker
February 15 2002

Stunt aims to turn jury against Taliban suspect
February 14 2002

Cornered Yemeni al-Qaida suspect blows himself up
February 14 2002

Britons sent home after Yemen crackdown
February 08 2002

Terror video used to lure UK Muslims
Observer, January 27 2002

American 'Taliban' faces US court
January 24 2002

Iraqi revealed as owner of weapons ship
January 10 2002


Yemeni leader orders 'iron fist' crackdown on al-Qaida cells
December 22 2001

Violence dominates lawless province
December 19 2001

Yemen attacks al-Qaida
December 19 2001

Bin Laden taint hurts family empire
November 22 2001

Piecing together the terrorist jigsaw
October 15 2001

Al-Qaida link to kidnap of tourists
October 13 2001

Arab states face stark choices
September 24 2001

New arrest in Yemen
September 24 2001

Lost in the desert
September 01 2001

Hereditary republics in Arab states
August 28 2001

Concerns increase for safety of expatriates, following German student kidnapping in Yemen
July 03 2001

Yemen university murderer executed
June 26 2001

Near miss for US mission in Yemen
June 19 2001

Where the qat is out of the bag
May 28 2001

Mother reunited with girls seized in 1986
May 17 2001

London link to USS Cole bomb
Observer, March 25 2001


Yemen likely to free jailed Britons early
The Guardian, 14-Sep-00

Living dead invade serial murders trial
The Observer, 11-Jun-00


Terrorists or tourists?
The Guardian, 26-Jun-99

Briton held in Yemen is not Muslim
The Observer, 31-Jan-99

Court chaos as five fight jail
The Observer, 31-Jan-99

Yemen kidnappers' call to London imam
The Guardian, 14-Jan-99

Yemen terror case suspects "signed false confessions"
The Guardian, 13-Jan-99

Yemen: the British link
The Observer, 10-Jan-99

Yemen kidnap "linked with London group"
The Observer, 10-Jan-99

Detectives "told to quit Yemen on next flight"
The Guardian, 6-Jan-99

Yemen: a year of living dangerously
The Observer, 3-Jan-99

Hostages fly home
The Guardian, 1-Jan-99


Kidnapped Britons "used as human shields"
The Guardian, 31-Dec-98

Gun battle survivors tell how captors
took their revenge

The Guardian, 31-Dec-98

Kidnap terror ends in death
The Guardian, 30-Dec-98

Hostage to fortune and Yemeni guns
The Guardian, 30-Dec-98

Obituary: Dreams of Arab unity: Abd al-Rahman al-Iryani
The Guardian, 25-Mar-98


Peek behind screen of Yemen's paranoid poll
The Guardian, 3-May-97

Sporadic unrest mars Yemen poll
The Guardian, 28-Apr-97

Hobson's choice of democracy:
Yemen goes to the polls tomorrow. Brian Whitaker drops in on the worryingly familiar campaign trail. The Guardian, 26-Apr-97

Doves and eagles fight for votes:
Yemen prepares for elections. The Guardian, 24-Apr-97


Yemeni exiles warn of growing instability
The Guardian, 7-Oct-94

New Yemen group
The Guardian, 1-Oct-94

Yemeni war ends as rebel leaders flee
The Guardian, 8-Jul-94

Rebel Yemeni state ready to fall
The Guardian, 6-Jul-94

S Yemen leader 'may be abroad'
The Guardian, 30-Jun-94

Leaders row as bombs hit Aden
The Guardian, 22-Jun-94

North Yemen offensive goes on despite ceasefire pledge
The Guardian, 18-Jun-94

Yemen's north tightens grip:
President Saleh is doing unexpectedly well against the separatists, writes Brian Whitaker. The Guardian, 15-Jun-94

Northern Yemenis 'will attack Aden in two days'
The Guardian, 11-May-94

Fierce battle erupts as south Yemen's troops swoop to cut off northern forces
The Guardian, 10-May-94

Five Scuds fired at Yemeni capital as war worsens:
Foreigners evacuated as north-ern presidential troops close in on Aden. The Guardian, 7-May-94

Yemen's rival armies turn on each other:
Failure to unite the two forces lies behind the struggle which is destroying the country from the inside, write Ian Black and Brian Whitaker. The Guardian, 6-May-94

Fighting erupts across Yemen
The Guardian, 6-May-94

Fragile union at mercy of outside forces:
The two Alis have brought Yemen to the point of disintegration, but other countries are players in the game: North and south accused each other yesterday of massing troops on the border for a civil war. Brian Whitaker weighs the situation. The Guardian, 7-Apr-94


Crisis could open door for Yemen's Islamists
The Guardian, 11-Oct-93

Pawns of Gulf war live forgotten in Yemen camps:
Tens of thousands of guest work-ers expelled by Saudi Arabia subsist in a Red Sea shanty town, reports Brian Whitaker. The Guardian, 7-Jan-93


Uneasy calm after Yemeni riots
The Guardian, 12-Dec-92

Books: Arabs in Exile
Yemeni Migrants in Urban Britain. The Guardian, 8-Dec-92

April election for Yemen
The Guardian, 6-Nov-92

Environment: Getting dug in to Sheba's terraces.
Brian Whitaker describes how Yemen's mountain farmers are learning to control rainwater. The Guardian, 24-Jan-92

Rumblings from a distant out-break of democracy:
Yemen's new political freedom is worrying the neighbours. The Guardian, 4-Jan-92

Anguish in the land of Sheba:
Of all the bystanders in the Gulf war none suffered more than Yemen. Brian Whitaker re-ports on Arabia's struggling democracy. The Guardian, 2-Jan-92


Yemen Vice-President hopes to heal rift with Saudis
The Guardian, 17-Aug-91