Speech by President Hadi

Speech delivered by the newly-elected President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi in parliament after taking the constitutional oath.

Source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)

25 February 2012. Full text

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

I am standing now in a historic and critical moment of Yemen's history after the successful completion of the presidential elections. It was surprising what the Yemeni people have done. They proved to the entire world their uniqueness and their ability to survive ordeals and hardships with a will that has not been affected by deception and intrigue.

I would like to hereby profusely and gratefully thank all the Yemeni people without exception who cast their votes for me.

This places a heavy responsibility upon my shoulder. Pray to God so that He would help me honour and fulfil my obligations.

Moreover, I would like to thank the chairman and members of the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum, who exerted a great deal of effort for the success of this democratic event, as well as inside and outside contributors to reach this graceful outcome. This outcome will bring peace, security, and stability to a country worn out by division and harmed by the conflict of rivals.

Therefore, what we have accomplished is an unprecedented experience in dealing with a crisis that reached every city, village, and home. This would undoubtedly provide a model to follow now and later.

Also, I would like to extend my thanks to the army and security forces for their considerable efforts and the efforts of the subcommittees in governorates.

I pray for God's mercy for martyrs and a speedy recovery for the wounded.

Elections embodied the bridge with which the people moved from hopelessness to hopeful.

This makes the obligation of responsibility incumbent upon the political parties with their government representation as well as whomever has power to move with the people towards the future. This is to be done with clean and forgiving hearts and rhetoric carrying good news of hopes and signs of a hopeful and clear future, so that we can make up for the losses of the past period and try to keep pace with others.

The great transitions cannot be made by chance or brought by wishes. Wishes will be mere unrealized wishes if we bear upon our shoulders the burden of the past and the consequences of enmity.

We are all aware of the fact that the strength and stability of any country hinges on the power of its social unity and a great national project before which all subjective projects and small ambitions will shrink. And he whoever will propose phony visions and devious logic, given that our people have experienced all sorts of deception and intrigue including resorting to the rule of power, should be vanished from the heads of those who still deceive themselves considering that the authority today has been backed by unquestionable and unwavering popular legitimacy.

I know for certain what the coming two years mean for the people whom I am honoured to win their trust, and I also know that compounded crises are entangled on several levels involving economic, social, security, and humanitarian issues.

Having said that, the country cannot stand any vengeance-driven crises that would destroy it now.

The coming period requires serious dialogue that would shape the features of the future rule through a new constitution that meets national aspirations; a constitution that would change ruling from traditional legitimacy to a national legitimacy based upon the principles and basics of good governance and build a powerful state through establishing and bolstering the role of institutions which are not based upon personification. To build the character of the Yemeni citizen, it is necessary to energize their unlimited potentialities in various aspects of practical life.

In addition, security should be tangibly experienced by the citizen given that it is a prerequisite for any desired development and the power of any applied law.

The national economy should be rebuilt according to scientific and real principles, making the best use of what is offered by friends and brothers and the Yemeni capabilities, as well as solving the issues which hinder development so as to overcome the damages caused by the last crisis.

This is to be done in a way that revives the middle class, which is the base of any country.

The war against Al-Qaeda will be continued as a religious and national duty, leading to the return of the displaced people to their cities and villages.

What has been said are mere highlights of real issues. If we are not able to practically and systematically address them, then chaos would be the possible alternative. Consequently, I greatly depend on your role as representatives of the entire people whose turnout in the presidential elections have given a message to the world that the people granted legitimacy to change and change for the better only.

This is what you should work for by considering the various issues which are discussed in your honourable council maintaining the interest of the country, not the interest of your own parties.

We have to remember very well that the people do not believe in half-solutions anymore, deal with traders of illusions, or be the reason of returning back.

I do not want to speak a lot, but before I conclude, I sincerely invite all people in authoritative positions - whatever rank - to seek change and answer questions of this stage: Where do we want to go? What is our course? What is our objective? Which vision shall we develop?

May God guide us all as we grope for the way of the future with souls free of grudge. We should open a new and clear page in order to build a new Yemen involving everyone without distinction and with hatred-free hearts and minds seeking to improve the condition of our country and people only.

May God's peace and mercy be with you.