The Assyrians of Iraq


The Assyrians have a long history dating back to biblical times. The rise of Assyria, a kingdom in northern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) began around 1350 BC. At its height (730-650 BC), the Assyrian empire controlled the Middle East from the Gulf to Egypt, but it collapsed in 612 BC.

Today, there are about two million Assyrians living in Iraq, 700,000 in Syria, 400,000 in the USA and about 500,000 in the rest of the world.

They have their own language and alphabet.

They are almost all Christians: Chaldean church 45%, Syriac Orthodox 26%, Church of the East 19%, Syrian Catholic 4%, others 6%. See list of Assyrian religious links.

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The Assyrians 1170-612 BC
The Assyrians were Semitic people in the northern reaches of Mesopotamia. Under the monarch, Shamshi-Adad, they attempted to build their own empire, but Hammurabi soon crushed the attempt. [World Civilisations website]

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