Unification of Yemen, 1990


North and south Yemen were united into a single state - the Republic of Yemen - on 22 May 1990. This replaced the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) in the north and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY) in the south. The union was not immediately successful and disputes broke out, leading to a war in 1994 which was won by the northern forces.


The Cairo Agreement
28 October, 1972

The Tripoli Agreement
26-28 November, 1972

The Sana'a Agreement
4 May, 1988

Border agreement
4 May, 1988

Aden summit agreement 1989

Agreement on the transitional period
(The Sana'a Accord), 1990

Joint security agreement
Sana'a, 4 May, 1990

Agreement by Joint Yemeni Political Committee
Ta'izz, 5 May 1990


The Birth of Modern Yemen
An e-book by Brian Whitaker documenting north-south unification in 1990, democratisation, the 1994 war and its aftermath.

Yemen's decade of unity
by Brian Whitaker, Middle East international, 19 May, 2000

The politics of survival and the structure of control in the unified Yemen 1990-97
by Ahmed Abdel-Karim Saif (MA dissertation, Department of Politics, University of Exeter, 1997)

Yemen unity: economic prospects
a comparison of the economies of north and south at the time of unification, by Prof. Yahya Y. Almutawakel (Sana'a University)

The establishment of northern hegemony in the process of Yemeni unification
by Michael Welton (MA dissertation, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, 1997)

Security incidents in Yemen: 1990-94