Violence worsens in southern Yemen

Numerous violent incidents reported from southern Yemen on Saturday suggest the situation is deteriorating rapidly:

  • The house of Abyan governor Ahmed Al-Miysari was attacked with light and medium-sized weapons; no casualties.
  • The home of the director of political security in Abyan was also attacked.
  • An early morning explosion targeted the central security headquarters in Mudiah, Abyan province.
  • Storage facilities of al-Maz Company for Cotton in Abyan (owned by President Salih's nephew, Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Salih) were attacked with three RPGs.
  • About 100 armed people set up a checkpoint in al-Ayn district of Mudiah (Abyan province), demanding ID from those passing through.
  • Hundreds of tribesmen from Yafa’ and Abyan provinces were heading for Abyan city where separatist leader Tariq al-Fadhli is besieged in his house (presumably by security forces).
  • Mohammad Qasim, 45, was shot dead in his grocery shop between Khanfer and Zinjibar (Abuyan province), allegedly by Fadhli supporters and apparently because he was a northerner from Ta’izz.
  • At least one protester was killed and five injured during a separatist demonstration in the main street of al-Dali’ city. A similar demonstration involving hundreds in the neighbouring al-Habileen city passed off peacefully.
  • Gunmen blocked the Aden–al-Dali’ road and burned tyres.

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Posted by Brian Whitaker, 25 July 2009