Kuwaiti TV show has the last laugh

A satirical TV series which makes fun of Kuwaiti politicians seems to have found a simple way to get round a government ban – by changing its name for every episode.

The privately-owned satellite channel, Scope TV, was ordered to suspend the 30-part series – specially produced for Ramadan – after only three episodes following objections from members of parliament.

The show, which uses actors made up to resemble real-life Kuwaiti politicians, was originally called "Your voice has been heard" (Sotik wisal). It disappeared from the air on Tuesday when the entire 20-minute slot was used to display a letter from the information ministry.

On Wednesday, though, it returned with a new name: "They don’t listen to anything" (Amak Asmakh).

Fajer al Saeed, who created the show, told The National she will change its name every day until the series is completed. Without knowing the name in advance, the Kuwaiti authorities will find it difficult to issue suspension notices.

Posted by Brian Whitaker, 28 August 2009.