Lebanese against confessionalism

An opinion poll highlighted by the Qifa Nabki blog shows strong popular support in Lebanon for abolishing confessionalism. Fifty-eight per cent are in favour, plus a further 10% who favour abolition but think the time is not right. Only 22% oppose abolition.

Interestingly (but not surprisingly since they would probably benefit most), the Lebanese Shi'a strongly support abolition (89%) while the Maronites tend to oppose it (43% against abolition, 31% in favour).

Asked what they understood by the term "abolishing confessionalism", 40% said it meant removing the sectarian quotas from government, 24% did not know, and 13% said it meant "equality among all Lebanese, regardless of sect".

On the question of civil marriage, the poll found Lebanese almost evenly divided (48% against, 45% in favour), with the Maronites favouring it more than the Shi'a.

As-Safir newspaper discusses the poll in more detail in Arabic.

Posted by Brian Whitaker, 24 February 2010.