Yemen's non-ceasefire

This Yemeni ceasefire business is getting confusing. Yesterday, the government appeared to reject the offer from the Houthi rebels. But now Yemen's National Defence Council says it "will have no objection" to ending military operations if the rebels abide by all six of the government-decreed conditions for a ceasefire.

At least they haven't closed the door entirely, but the war goes on – with both sides saying it's up to the other to make the first move.

Meanwhile the main opposition grouping, the Joint Meeting Parties, has welcomed the rebels' ceasefire offer.

"It is time for the government to declare the end of military operations in Saada," it said in a press release. "There is no longer a cause to go on the war which led to disastrous consequences in the state as a whole."

Posted by Brian Whitaker, 1 February 2010.