Marinara from Bahrain

Foreign Policy Blogs boasts that it is "the largest network of global affairs blogs online", staffed "by scores of professional contributors from the worlds of journalism, academia, business, non-profits and think tanks". Plus the occasional public relations man working for a repressive government, apparently.

Having penned a series of "positive" articles about Bahrain for Huffington Post (which stopped when I wrote about them here), Tom Squitieri of TS Navigations, a reputation management company, has now written another article – this time for Foreign Policy Blogs.

Before reading Squitieri's upbeat account of developments in Bahrain you may wish to take a look at his company's websitewhich promises its clients (who include the government of Bahrain) a "cunning strategy" to "immediately end the negative while building toward a pro-active platform". 

"The world may see bruised tomatoes," it says. "We are the chefs who make them into marinara that is irresistible."

Posted by Brian Whitaker, 20 November 2011.

PS: You may not be surprised to learn that Matt Lauer of Qorvis Communications (which has a $40,000-a-month PR contract with the government of Bahrain) has been promoting Squitieri's articleon Twitter.

PPS: Tom Squitieri is also on Twitter where he has been complaining about harassment of US journalists in connection with Occupy Wall Street and about regressive new media laws in Hungary. He seems less concerned about Bahrain, where he announces: "Bahrain plans new freedom of press law to expand protections and to eliminate some existing penal codes and restrictions on expression."