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5th March 2018
By: Brian Whitaker
A recent report by a UN panel of experts painted a grim picture of the situation in Yemen. "Yemen, as a state, has all but ceased to exist," it said. "Instead of a single state there are warring statelets, and no one side has either the political support or the military strength to reunite the… Read more
20th February 2018
By: Brian Whitaker
A 329-page report by the UN's panel of experts on Yemen was published last week, and it makes grim reading. Yemen, as a state, has all but ceased to exist, it says. It also notes that during the three-year conflict there have been "widespread violations of international… Read more
11th December 2017
By: Brian Whitaker
When Yemen held parliamentary elections in 1997 Ahmed Ali Saleh, then aged 24, was a first-time candidate. Though new to politics, he won by a handsome margin – a victory that was no doubt helped by having his father, President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and many of the ruling party's elite as voters in… Read more
5th December 2017
By: Brian Whitaker
Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has been killed aged 75, held power in Yemen for almost 34 years – an extraordinary feat in one of the world’s most fractious countries. He likened his survival technique to “dancing on the heads of snakes” and his political career ended much as it had begun, in turmoil.… Read more
28th September 2017
By: Brian Whitaker
The war in Yemen is one where western media coverage scarcely excels – as the Russian propaganda channel, RT, is quick to point out. But can RT do any better? To "clarify" the picture, RT called on Caleb Maupin, its "international correspondent", who gave what is surely the weirdest account yet of… Read more
22nd September 2017
By: Brian Whitaker
Viewed from outside, the war in Yemen is mainly a two-sided conflict between the "legitimate" government of President Hadi and the Houthi rebels backed by ex-President Saleh. But this fails to recognise the extent of Yemen's fragmentation since the outbreak of war, a former government minister… Read more
15th May 2017
By: Brian Whitaker
Click to enlarge" src="/sites/default/files/federal_yemen_large.jpg" style="width: 500px; height: 314px; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid;" /> There are three possible outcomes to the war in Yemen: reconstruction as a single state, partition into two states – north and south – or… Read more
27th March 2017
By: Helen Lackner
Repeated bombing over the last two years by the Saudi-led coalition has brought the conflict in Yemen no closer to a solution. In the article below, HELEN LACKNER considers the unfolding disaster. Two years ago, on 26 March 2015, the Saudi-led coalition started aerial attacks on… Read more
1st February 2017
By: Brian Whitaker
On Monday Houthi fighters struck a Saudi warship off the coast of Yemen, killing two of its crew and wounding three others. On Tuesday, under a banner saying "EXCLUSIVE", Fox News came up with a startling and hard-to-believe claim. Citing unnamed officials at the Pentagon, it said the "Iranian-… Read more
25th January 2017
By: Omar Mashjari
A guest post by Omar Mashjari The countries making up the Arabian Peninsula are no strangers to British influence, none are more impacted by this influence today than Yemen. Unlike the dominant Gulf States which were never formally colonialised by Britain, Yemen’s second city,… Read more