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17th September 2020
By: Nima Khorrami
Guest post from Nima Khorrami:  Iran’s angry reaction to the normalisation of relations between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE was to be expected. However, its fury, especially with regard to the UAE, has less to do with the possibility of a future military strike staged from Emirati soil or closer… Read more
16th September 2020
The Aalborg Academy of Science is not a university, though it pretends to be one. It is the latest in a series of privately-run institutions found to be operating in Europe without proper accreditation and issuing worthless degree certificates to people in the Middle East. Two were uncovered in… Read more
12th September 2020
Week ending 12 September 2020   REGIONAL OVERVIEW   Covid-19 infections in the Middle East and North Africa have risen to new heights over the last few days. The total of new cases across the region has averaged almost 18,000 a day this week, according to the… Read more
5th September 2020
Week ending 5 September 2020   REGIONAL OVERVIEW   New Covid-19 infections in the Middle East and North Africa remain fairly constant according to official figures, ranging between 14,000 and 15,000 cases a day during the last three weeks. Among the 20 countries… Read more
2nd September 2020
Two fake universities based in Norway have been awarding worthless doctorates and diplomas to people in the Middle East, an investigation has revealed. One of them is Bay Ridge University for Studies and Research, run from a $300-a-month rented office in Oslo. Its bogus certificates have been… Read more
29th August 2020
Week ending 29 August 2020   REGIONAL OVERVIEW   New Covid-19 infections in the Middle East and North Africa remain fairly constant at around 14,000 a day, according to official figures. Among the 20 countries monitored, ten recorded an increase this week and ten… Read more
29th August 2020
As Covid-19 continues to spread in the Middle East, Arab governments increasingly blame the public for failing to comply with preventive measures. The roots of this problem lie in the uneasy relationship between autocratic regimes and the people they govern – a relationship that is likely… Read more
22nd August 2020
Week ending 22 August 2020   REGIONAL OVERVIEW   The Middle East and North Africa has seen an overall rise in Covid-19 infections during the past week, with an average of 14,600 new cases reported each day. This is still some way below the peak of almost 16,000 a… Read more
22nd August 2020
More than 20 ex-Muslim organisations from around the world have joined forces to mark today (August 22) as the first annual International Apostasy Day. Persecution of apostates has a long history but it's a particular problem today in Muslim countries. Any Muslim who publicly renounces Islam,… Read more
20th August 2020
Lebanon is due to start a two-week lockdown on Friday amid a sharp rise in coronavirus infections, though there are doubts about how widely it will be observed or enforced. The Lebanese outbreak is still relatively small, with 10,347 cases confirmed since it began in February but more than half of… Read more