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Yemen: The Myth of Isolation
James Spencer

The Blind Nakhudha
Henry de Monfreid

Public Protest and Visions for Change
Saleem Haddad & Joshua Rogers

The Queen in Aden: A Jubilee Retrospective

The Flawed Logic of US Drone Strikes in Yemen
Benedict Wilkinson

A Celebration of ‘Al-Bilad’
Salma Samar Damluji

Raufa Hassan: An Appreciation
Elham Manea


Safeguarding the Song of Sana'a: challenges and issues
Samir Mokrani

The Restoration of Masjid al-Faqih in ‘Aynat, Wadi Hadramut
Salma Samar Damluji

'Smile, you are in Yemen!'
Warda Eissadi

Soqotra: A Study of Ear Infection and Hearing Impairment among School Children
Salem Yousr Muftah

Fieldwork notes: a year of research in southern Yemen
Thanos Petouris

Selma al-Radi: an appreciation
Anderson Bakewell with Francine Stone


Water in Yemen: Changing views on a changing resource
JacVan der Gun

A Lucky Eclipse: Major Tony Altounyan's 1946 expedition into Mahra country
Quentin Morton

With Theodore and Mabel Bent in Southern Arabia (1893-1897)
Gerald Brisch

Yemen's Abandoned Children
Shuaib Almosawa

The Maria Theresa Thaler in Hadhramaut: some reflections
Ghalib bin Awadh Al-Qu'aiti

Review Article: Ibn al-Mujawir
Tim Mackintosh-Smith


Five years of diplomacy in Canada
Dr Abdulla Abdul Wali Nasher

Colonel David Smiley: A Tribute
Bernard Mills

Yemen: Beyond the Horizon
Fernando Carvajal

Janbiya Showcase
Stephen Gracie

Fighting Fit: Taher Ali Qassim
Chris Arnot

Teaching English in Aden
Thanos Petouris


Winning Speech: Water, Yemen and the English Speaking Union

Interview with Ali Hussain Saleh Muhammad
Peter Welby

Signor Amedeo Guillet: Refugee and Diplomat in Mutawakkilite Yemen

The Aden Refinery’s Medical Division 1978–1982
Adel al-Aulaqi

Wordsworth into Arabic: The lost legacy of Ali Luqman

From South Shields to Sheffield: a photographic journey
Rebecca Johnson


The New British Embassy in Sana’a
Michael Gifford

Yemen’s Fisheries: The Need for Management
Stephen Akester

From a Wayfarer’s Sketchbook
Anne Walker

Passage to Yafa’ (1891-1967)
Editor & Nigel Groom

A Tourist in Yemen: Comparing impressions
Alan Rushworth

The Pre-literate, Non-Arabic Languages of Oman and Yemen
Miranda Morris


Soqotra Training Centre
Bill Heber Percy

Christmas in Dhala, 1939
Helen Joly de Lotbinière

Salute to an Adventurer: Musée Henry de Monfreid
Julian Lush

In the Lion’s Paw: Henry de Monfreidand the British at Aden (1916–1922)
by the Editor

Remembering Leigh Douglas
John Peterson & Peter Kemp

'Sands of Time' exhibition in Sana'a
Julian Lush


Yemen Overview 2005
Brian Whitaker

A Tangerine in Yemen: from Tihamah to Aden with Ibn Battutah
by Tim Mackintosh-Smith

Glimpses of Republican Yemen 1962-63
by Bini Malcolm

The Impact of Qat-chewing on Health: A Re-evaluation
by Nageeb Hassan, Abdullah Gunaid and Iain Murray-Lyon

Sounds of Wisdom
by Paul Hughes-Smith

Doctor in Arabia: P. W. R. Petrie
by the Editor

Intercepting images of Aden’s past


Yemen Overview
by Brian Whitaker

First Footsteps in Yemen – 1947
by John Hewitt

Mapping the Coast of Mahra – 1957
by Colin Richardson

Better late than never
by Louise Tickle

Soqotra Revisited
by Neil Orr

By the beaches of Socotra and the pink Arabian Sea
by Georgina Harding


Yemen overview 2003
by Brian Whitaker

Traditional Arab sailing ships
by James Taylor

Return to Yemen
by David Smiley

A Yemeni artist in Wales
by Tony Deyes

The story of Peter Davey(1914-47)
by Aidan Hartley

Friends of Soqotra
by Sue Christie

In Memoriam: Sayyid Abubakr bin Shaikh al-Kaff KBE
by John Ducker


Yemen overview 2002
by Brian Whitaker (July 2002)

In the shadow of a master
by Trevor H. J. Marchand (July 2002)

Soqotra: a master plan
I. G. Harmond (July 2002)

Aurelia in Yemen
by John Shipman (July 2002)

The island of two moons: Kamaran 1954
by Nigel Groom (July 2002)

Aubrey Rickards: winged pioneer
by John Shipman (July 2002)

In the steps of Carsten Niebuhr
by Julian Lush (July 2002)


Yemen overview, 2001
by Brian Whitaker (July 2001)

Yemen's water crisis
by Christopher Ward (July 2001)

Visions of Yemen
by Bill Heber Percy (July 2001)

The Clayton Mission to Sana'a of 1926
by John Shipman (July 2001)

Bee-keeping in Yemen
by Julian Lush (July 2001)

Sir Arnold Wilson: Winning his spurs as a stoker
by John Shipman (July 2001)


Negotiating the Saudi-Yemeni international boundary
by Richard Schofield (July 2000)

Plain tales from the sands
by Jim Ellis (July 2000)

Bader Ben Hirsi: a Passage to Yemen
by John Shipman(July 2000)

Dhala' Diary: May-December 1966
by Peter Hinchcliffe(July 2000)

Letter from Yafa’
by Salma Samar al-Damluji (July 2000)

Oman and Yemen: an historic re-encounter
by Fred Halliday (July 2000)

Princess of Zinj
by John Shipman (July 2000)


Yemen overview, 1999
by Brian Whitaker (December 1999)

Christian-Muslim Relations
by Bishop John Brown (December 1999)

Reflections on Yemen, Islam and Violence
by Muhammad al-Masyabi (December 1999)

The Quiet Travels of Colonel Boscawen
by John Shipman (December 1999)

Hadhrami Migration in the 19th and 20th Centuries
by Ulrike Freitag (December 1999)

Wildlife Conservation Initiatives in Yemen
by Derek Harvey (December 1999)

Marib and Timna by an Unknown Artist
(December 1999)

Emerging Democracies Forum, Sana’a
by Julian Lush (December 1999)


The development of the Port of Aden
by Capt. Roy Facey (November 1998)

Some Yemeni proverbs
by Najla Abu-Taleb (November 1998)

Antiquities in the Aden Protectorate, 1935-40
by Julian Lush (November 1998)

Tracking locusts - in Yemen and far beyond
by George Popov (November 1998)

Marie Stopes International in Yemen
by Jane Diamond (November 1998)

The Crater residence of Capt. S B Haines
byMerilyn Hywel-Jones (November 1998)

Yemen overview, 1998
by Brian Whitaker (November 1998)

International conference on Yemen,1-4 April, 1998
by Alan D'Arcy (November 1998)


Hadhramaut and thereabouts
by Jim Ellis, OBE (December 1997)

The British withdrawal from Aden
A personal memory by Oliver Miles (December 1997)

The 1997 elections

The Yemen Festival
by Anne Hunt(December 1997)

Muath Welfare Trust, Birmingham
(December 1997)

Civic education project in the Hadhramaut
by Fida Nasrallah (December 1997)

A medical perspective on the Yemen
by Dr Iain Murray-Lyon (December 1997)

The Ras Morbat Clinic, Aden
by Dr Harry K Robertson (December 1997)


Archaeological research in Yemen
by C. Phillips (November 1996)

The British Council in Yemen
by Brendan McSharry (November 1996)

A commentary on Yemeni traditional architecture
by Derek Matthews (November 1996)

Waddah al-Yaman: national poet
by Abdulla al-Udhari (November 1996)


Oil and gas in the Yemen
by Michael Whittall (November 1995)

Education of girls in the Yemen
by Laila Noman (November 1995)

Traditional music in the Yemen
by A D Bakewell (November 1995)

Miscellanea Yemenica
by G Rex Smith (November 1995)

The Keith Falconer Mission 1886-1963
by H K Robertson (November 1995)

Hadramis in Singapore
by Ameen Ali Talib (November 1995)


Yemen in the days of the Imam Ahmed
by Ronald Bailey (November 1994)

The Aden hinterland and Abyan: a survey of Islamic sites
by G R D King (November 1994)

From the roof of Arabia to the coal cellar
by Patricia Aithie (November 1994)


Birds of Yemen
A brief overview by Richard Porter (November 1993)

Sheikh Abdulla Ali al-Hakimi: religious leader
and political reformer

by Dick Lawless (November 1993)

Division of the Yemen (1902-1904)
by G. A. Shepherd (November 1993)

Tourism in Yemen: a view
by Jack Jackson (November 1993)

A poem by James Nash (November 1993)

Yemen Today
by Sulaiman Ghanem, Yemen Embassy, London (November 1993)

From the British Ambassador in Sana'a
Douglas Gordon

From the Yemeni Ambassador in London
Dr. S. Zindani

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